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In Mali, you can find picturesque landscapes, centuries-old village architecture, and Timbuktu, the most famous city in the world.

Mali is a multi-cultural country nestled between the undulating Sahel and the endless dunes of the Sahara Desert. From the salt-caked outposts of Taoudenni in the north to the pulsing market town of Sikasso in the south, the lion-spotted expanses of Boucle de Baoulé in the west to the protected swathes of Ansongo in the east, this region has it all, from time-honored tribal communities to groaning camel caravans. Meanwhile, the metropolis of Bamako is undoubtedly one of the most captivating on the continent.

Beer bars and local music dives sprout up amongst the packed streets, as do bazaars and sparkling markets. And that's before we even get into the mystery of Timbuktu! Unfortunately, previous wars have virtually blocked this beautiful country in West Africa's core to potential travellers. However, Mali has many intriguing spots for travellers to explore throughout their vacations.

Mali's weather varies drastically depending on where you are in the country. The south is hot and humid, although the Sahel and Sahara regions to the north are even hotter and drier. It has little temperature variation, with only wet, dry, or windy seasons. Rainfall occurs in the southwest, around Bamako, from June to September. They are less predictable in the northeast and might occur at any time throughout that area. With Crystal Travel, you no longer have to be concerned about finding Cheap flights to Mali; our efficient search engine makes it much easier to book flights from the leading airlines.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Mali

Mali has earned most of its wealth via salt and gold which made it one of the richest cities in the world back in time. Visiting this place is indeed a delightful experience to have as there is so much more that this place has to offer. We have listed down 5 places that you can opt to see in Mali.

FAQs on Mali

What is a good time to visit Mali?
One of the most pleasant months to visit Mali is during the dry seasons when rainfall is comparatively less and summers are not at their peak. October, November, and Dember is just the right time to explore Mali peacefully. However, to avoid this peak season and crowd you can also avail.
What currency is used in Mali?
The West African CFA Franc (XOF) is Mali's national currency, and it is divisible into 100 centimes. The Euro is linked to the CFA franc. Banks in Bamako can exchange foreign money.
What is the nearest airport to Mali?
Modibo Keita International Airport, formerly known as Bamako Senou International Airport, is located in Bamako, Mali (BKO) is Mali's primary airport, located about 15 kilometers south of downtown Bamako, the West African country's capital.
How to Travel in Mali?
The best way to roam around Mali is through taxis and cabs as they are much easier to operate around the city. Buses are also a great option to travel from one destination to another.
How to book cheap flights to Mali?
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