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Emirates Airlines operates modern, efficient, and comfortable aircraft to connect the world across the six continents every day.
Headquartered in Dubai, Emirates is one of two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. Emirates is the largest airline in the world, with an impressive fleet size of more than 250 aircraft flying to 157 destinations in 172 countries all around. It is safe to say that you can fly to any habitable continent with Emirates Airlines.
When flying with Emirates, you can choose from various amenities and classes. The airline offers many options, including Economy, Business, First Class, and First Class Suite. Emirates is reinventing the passenger experience with its innovative and modern amenities on board. It was the first airline to install a video screen in all seats, irrespective of class. Also, Emirates was the first carrier to offer telecom and fax services to its passengers. Emirates has a dedicated workforce of experts from over 160 countries around the globe to provide the best service and safety to its customer base. In addition to all this, Emirates has a code-sharing partnership with Qantas and a few other airlines so that passengers can complete their journey with a single ticket.
Undoubtedly, you will have a better flying experience when you book your Emirates flights. Emirates’ services are better and more advanced than any other globally. But these extraordinary services may cost you a fortune. Therefore, to keep your journey with Emirates on the budget-friendly side, we at Crystal Travel offer some of the most affordable flight deals on your Emirates flights.
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Now, finding the cheapest flight tickets with Emirates is just a few clicks away. Book your Emirates flights to your preferred destination with Crystal Travel and enjoy our low-price deals. All you have to do is click on the destination and choose from our deals that suit you best. It doesn’t matter if you are making a reservation for the economy, business, or first class of Emirates Flights. We have deals for all.

Class of Service by Emirates Airlines

Whatever class you fly in, you are sure to enjoy world-class services with Emirates.
  • First Class on Emirates is as good as flying in your own private jet.
  • Emirates A380 First Class offers ambient lighting along with entertainment on the widescreen and a dedicated bartender.
  • Boeing 777 First Class offers a private room experience on an aeroplane. Passengers get to choose their own dining, wine, and entertainment options.
  • Emirates Business Class offers comfortable reclining seats and fully flat beds with mattresses. The Boeing 777 business class comes equipped with a 23" HD TV and a personal mini-bar in addition to all the other amenities.
  • Emirates Economy offers onboard Wi-Fi, and the entertainment system is loaded with movies, games, and music. The airline also serves a number of courses with a wide choice of complimentary drinks.
5 Facts About Emirates Airlines

Here are the five interesting facts about Emirates

FAQs - Emirates Airlines

Can I book cheap Emirates Airlines flights?
Yes, you can book cheap Emirates Airlines flights with CrystalTravel. We have deals for all classes of Emirates Airlines, including business-class, first-class, and economy-class tickets. Check out the latest discounts and offers available and grab your cheap Emirates flight tickets.
Can I cancel my Emirates Airlines booking?
Yes, you can cancel your Emirates Airlines booking with ease. If you have made your bookings with us, give us a call and our travel experts will help you to cancel your booking. Alternatively, you can visit the official website of Emirates to cancel your bookings. The airline may charge a certain cancellation fee depending on the nature of the booking, timing, and other factors.
What is my baggage allowance with Emirates Airlines?
The baggage allowance on Emirates Airlines depends on the destination, airfare, and class. For economy class, it varies from 20 kilograms(kg) for special to 35 kg for Flex Plus fare. Emirates First class tickets allow you to carry the baggage of up to 50 kilograms.
Are pets allowed on Emirates Airlines?
Emirates does not allow passengers to fly with their pets in the cabin, with the exception of guide dogs. Though, certain flights of Emirates have the facility to fly pets as checked baggage. Also, you can fly pets with you as manifest cargo.
Can I book last-minute Emirates Airlines flights?
Yes, with Crystal Travel, you can book your last-minute Emirates flights at some of the lowest fares.

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