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5 Facts About Easy Jet

Some interesting facts about Easy Jet

FAQ’s – Easy Jet

What facilities do I get in-flight?

If you are flying with Easy Jet then you get great entertainment materials to pass your time in the air with ease. Apart from this, you get a good range of beverages and snacks to satiate any hunger or thirst pangs so that your flight feels luxurious.

Can I bring electronic devices onboard?

You can bring electronic devices on board and use them as per your requirement and convenience. However, you have to make sure that at the time of take-off, landing or other such crucial points you keep your devices inside due to safety concerns.

Why do the fares go up so quickly?

The fares are decided and offered on a first-come and first serve basis. That is why if you check our fares on a date and come back later to claim the same price then due to the dynamic nature of airfares, the fares will go up quick enough.

What items I cannot bring in Easy Jet Flight?
You cannot bring the following items to the cabin: liquids, foods, sharp objects, e-cigarettes, pets, smart baggage, print and toner cartridges, dry ice, human or pet ashes, Christmas crackers or party poppers, camera recording equipment, etc.
How to find my lost luggage?
If you can't find your luggage when you arrive at your destination then you can raise a complaint to the concerned department at the airport. Later, you can raise a request online for a fast-track movement of your complaint.

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