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With fine wine and food, Portugal is perfect for adventure junkies.

Portugal is a nation in southern Europe on the Atlantic coast with the official name of the Portuguese Republic. There are many rugged, picturesque landscapes in the country, as well as rolling stretches of Mediterranean terrain.

Along with the many beautiful beaches, stunning coves, and quaint villages, this region is also home to some vibrant cultural traditions. You can also enjoy the splendour of Portugal's coastline by visiting the idyllic Azores archipelago or the lush Garden Isle of Madeira. Whatever you choose to see in Portugal, you're sure to enjoy the experience. When you visit this small but exciting country, you'll be amazed at all it offers.

The exotic seafood of Portugal is to be lived by, and one shouldn’t miss tasting the mouthwatering traditional dishes Visit the world heritage site of the Douro Region, and what better way to taste some of the greatest wines when in Portugal? Amidst the chaos, Portugal is one such place where you can find different places to calm down, and Torre should be on your bucket list as it's the highest peak in Portugal.

Portugal's nightlife is as fascinating as it can get; it offers the best clubs, bars, and dances to enjoy your heart out during your visit. It looks like this is the right time to pack your bag and book your tickets straight away to Portugal.

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5 things to Do in Portugal

Be it the exotic seafood or beaches, Portugal is one such place that will win your heart instantly. However, there is so much more to Portugal than these things and we have listed down 5 top things you can do in Portugal.

FAQs on Portugal
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When is a good time to visit Portugal?
The best time to visit Portugal is when it is blooming the love and sights of spring during March. A visit during the autumn season is also a good time as the sun is still shining during this time.
Which Airlines Fly to Portugal?
Many airlines operate in Portugal like TAP Air Portugal, Air Canada, United, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, SATA, Delta and KLM which are regularly flying.  With Crystal Travel you can choose from what suits your budget.
What is the nearest airport to Portugal?
The nearest airport to Portugal is  Lisbon Airport (LIS) is the main international airport of Portugal and this is the airport to fly into for the entire central region. Other nearby airports are Beja International Airport, Beja; Coimbra Airport
How to travel to Portugal?
Getting around Portugal by train or bus is easy and convenient as it is not a very large country. Often, regional trains are more affordable and some lines are scenic, but most trips are more expedient by bus, especially if the distance is short or the route less obvious.
How to book cheap flights to Portugal?
Comparing all of the best airfares from the top airlines is what we do. If you would like to find the cheapest offers, please use our dynamic search engine. Any questions about booking flights can be answered by our travel experts.
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