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5 Facts About Ryanair

Some Interesting facts about Ryanair

FAQ’s – Ryanair

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Can unaccompanied minors travel with Ryanair?

Ryanair does not allow any unaccompanied minors onboard who are below the age of 16. An adult who is above 16 years of age needs to be with the minor. Ryanair doesn't provide any special attention to children above 16 as they are considered adults.

What items are prohibited onboard?

The following items are not allowed on a Ryanair flight: guns, firearms, pointed/edgy weapons, sharp objects, blunt instruments that can cause any injury, explosives and flammable substances, chemical and toxic substances, etc.

Are pets allowed in Ryanair?

Ryanair does not allow any kinds of pets onboard. However, they do have an option for you to travel with assistance or guide dogs. These animals are allowed on all Ryanair intra EU/EEA flights and Ryanair domestic flights only.

Can I cancel my flight?

If there is no delay in a Ryanair flight for more than 5 hours, you cannot cancel the flight. All Ryanair flights can be changed but can't be cancelled. If for any reason your flight is cancelled from the airline end then you can get a refund by claiming for it.

What kind of payment options are available for inflight purchases?

To buy anything in-flight, you have to use your credit or debit card only. All major chip and pin cards MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted. You might have to show your ID or passport for making a purchase.

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