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The vibrant city of Germany will leave you stunned with its majestic beauty.

Germany's historical, cultural, and natural splendour best describes what vacationing in Germany is like. A visitor to this beautiful part of Europe is offered an abundance of historic cities, quaint small towns, as well as mountains and forests, some of which offer unique attractions for vacationers to enjoy. Germany is one of the most visited places in Europe for its majestic castles, food, historical culture, great architecture and mountains. 

The heart of Germany lies in its capital, Berlin. Home to many fine museums and galleries, this vibrant city makes a great base from which to explore the many other delights the country has to offer. 

Germany shares love in the form of its poetic history and are known as the land of poets and thinkers widely. However, rolling to the present, Germany is also a dream place for car lovers as most of the sleek and classy cars are manufactured here, like Audi, BMW, Mercedez, Porsche etc. 

If you are a student and think that being an international student will cost a hefty amount, then consider Germany.  Education here is free for native and international students. 

The castleS in Germany has all the eyes of people around the world especially Neuschwanstein Castle was recognised by Disney. Big cities like Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg are excellent destinations to explore sites and enjoy the arts. Hiking and other leisure activities are popular in the gorgeous Bavarian Alps, Black Forest, and Rhine Valley. 

You can never get over the delicious food served in Germany. Try their different kinds of bread and beer and some other exclusive traditional dishes made by local Germans. It will keep you drooling.

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5 places to visit in Germany

From fine beers to bread, Germany has a vibe like no other. Germany is a must-visit place, be it the cultural heritage or the modern, vibrant life. Here are five places in Germany that one should visit and explore.

FAQs on Germany
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When is a good time to visit Germany?
From May till September is the best time to visit Germany as it is really sunny during these months and you can easily enjoy the sights. The summers make the weather more pleasant and enjoyable. However, if you have a love for winter, then you can plan your trip in late October.
Which Airlines Fly to Germany?
Among major airlines— Lufthansa, British Airways, American Airlines, United, Ryanair, EasyJet, Eurowings, and Japan Airlines serve their routes to Germany. Some other airlines that also fly to Germany are Jet2, Flybe and Air Canada.
What is the nearest airport to Germany?
The nearest airport to Germany is Frankfurt International Airport. It is considered to be the busiest airport in Germany as people travel here for business purposes. It has two main terminals. Another nearby airport is Berlin Tegel Airport, which is 11 km away.
How to travel to Germany?
Public transportation is mostly found and preferred by the Germans to travel around the city. You can easily travel by local buses and trains. Using public transportation will allow you to experience the local sightseeing places. You can also get into rental cars if you want to drive around.
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