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5 Facts About Lufthansa

Facts about Lufthansa

FAQ’s – Lufthansa Airlines

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Can I travel with a fighting dog breed?

You can fly with a fighting dog breed if you are flying with Lufthansa. However, you have to make sure that you transport such breeds of dogs in special crates and in the hold only. Also, these dogs must be at least 3-6 months old to travel with Lufthansa.

How can I take sports equipment with me?

When you are bringing your sports equipment on board, make sure that you have labelled your name and mobile number inside and outside before you check-in. The maximum length for sports equipment is 315 cm and the maximum weight is 32 kg.

What items I cannot bring onboard?

These are the dangerous items that you should not bring in a Lufthansa flight: caustic materials, containers with gas and flammable liquids, explosives, fireworks, electroshock weapons, oxygen generators, radioactive materials, dry ice in excess, etc.

Should I re-submit my refund request?

If you have a cancelled ticket from Lufthansa and have already applied for a refund then you do not need to re-submit any refund request. Your request will be accessed by our travel experts and you will get a reply in a stipulated amount of time. You can however reach out to us to know the status of your request.

Can I alter my travel dates?

You can alter your travel dates at any point of time before a specified time of your flight departure. There might be some charges that you have to bear. You can ask about it while making changes to your booking through our travel expert.

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