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Turkish Airlines has created a reputation for quality and service for travellers all around. Book your Turkish Airlines flights today and enjoy the Turkish hospitality!
Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey, with its main base at Istanbul Airport. It has been among the largest mainline carriers in the world by the number of passenger destinations. Turkish Airlines has an impressive fleet of more than 360 passenger aircraft, flying to more than 300 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
When flying with Turkish Airlines, you get exclusive privileges with plans like Miles & Smiles. Turkish Airlines joined Star Alliance in 2008 to provide its passengers with a smooth transfer across an extensive global network with rewards and amenities from other major carriers. They have amazing catering services to maximise your travel experience. Turkish Airlines' in-flight entertainment system is packed with the latest options to provide you with a fun-filled flying experience.
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Class of Service by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers five classes for its customers to choose from.
  • With Turkish Airlines' Business Class, you get ottomans along with fully reclining seats that offer more sleeping space. Seats are fitted with massage and position selection buttons under the armrests.
  • In Economy Class, you get comfortable seats with a headrest and wide legroom. The footrests are adjustable as per your comfort.
  • Every seat comes with a reading light and an onboard powerpoint.
  • There is an inflight entertainment system.
  • Turkish Airlines offers delicious cuisine with a distinguished taste combined with Turkish hospitality.
5 Facts About Turkish Airlines

Here are five interesting facts about Turkish Airlines.

FAQ's - Turkish Airlines

Can I cancel my Turkish Airlines booking?
As per Turkish Airlines' cancellation rules, the cancellation of a booking will depend on the type of ticket you have purchased. Flexible Fare Ticket holders can cancel their bookings with ease, while passengers holding other ticket types will be required to pay a cancellation fee in order to cancel their tickets. However, if you have made your bookings with Crystal Travel, give us a call and our travel experts will help you to cancel your booking with ease.
What is my baggage allowance with Turkish Airlines?
The baggage allowance on Turkish Airlines depends on the destination, airfare, and piece-baggage concept. For economy class, the maximum weight allowed per bag is 23 kilograms(kg) and 32 kg for business class.
Are pets allowed on Turkish Airlines?
Yes, Turkish Airlines allows birds (parrots and canaries) and pets (cats and dogs) to travel with you in the cabin as long as they are in a carrier and meet the requirements for weight and carrier. Turkish Airlines has a specific set of rules and regulations regarding travelling with pets. You can check the official website or talk to our travel experts for more information on this topic.
Can I book cheap Turkish Airlines flights?
Yes, you can book cheap Turkish Airlines flights with CrystalTravel. We have curated deals for our customers as per their requirements. You can find last-minute, class-wise, and more deals on our website.
Can I book last-minute Turkish Airlines flights?
Booking a last-minute flight can be expensive. But fret not, Crystal Travel has some amazing deals for your last-minute flight bookings to make your journey affordable. You can book your last-minute Turkish Airlines flights at some of the lowest fares. Call our travel experts for more details.

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