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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, a city filled with palaces, castles, and churches.

Salzburg, the music city of Austria, is filled with musical culture and heritage that dates back hundreds of years. It has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. As one of the world's most beautiful cities, Salzburg is known for its combination of scenic Alpine landscapes and architectural diversity.

Salzburg gained popularity with the movie The Sounds of Music. Fare enough, because what better film to depict scenes from Austria's music capital? No matter what the season, Salzburg is no less than a beauty all year round, this melancholy place has its unique charm to keep the tourists attracted.

Every year, many events related to music, art, and culture are held here that keep the festival city buzzed up throughout. There are many appealing attractions, like churches, that lie straight in the heart of the old town city. With its host of bars, restaurants, and modern events, there's no shortage of fun in Salzburg's city centre for young people.

If you are lucky, you may get invited to the ‘guest gardens' to enjoy some refreshing beers and delicious meals. It looks like this is the time for you to pack on your essentials and straight-up head over to this melodious place if you have a love for music.

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5 Things to Do in Salzburg

Every place has its way of depicting its history. Salzburg does it with its museums, gardens, churches and music. Check out the top 5 things to do when you visit the city.

FAQs on Salzburg
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What is the best time to visit Salzburg?
The most suitable time to visit Salzburg is from September to October when autumn is yet to begin and summer has already ended. The crowd is comparatively low during the winter beginnings, so you can easily stroll around the gardens for that little sunshine and enjoy your time in the city.
What is the nearest airport to Salzburg?
The nearest airport commuting to Salzburg in Salzburg (SZG) Airport is 3-4 km away from Salzburg. A few other nearby airports are W.A. Mozart Airport which is 5km distant from the city.  Munich and Frankfurt airports are also close to Salzburg.
How can we travel to Salzburg?
Walking, boarding trains and buses, rental cars, and booking taxes all of these transportation services are available to travel around Salzburg. However, if you want to explore the neighbourhood properly, walking around or bicycling seems a feasible and affordable option to explore the city. As the places aren’t too far.
What items cannot be carried to Salzburg?
Some restrictions on items that cannot be carried to Salzburg include meat, dairy products, pornographic items, explosives, liquids more than 100ml, sharp objects, luxurious items without a permit, drugs, and any wildlife animal.
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