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When is the best time to book a flight to Islamabad?

Islamabad has a humid subtropical climate with very hot summers and cool winters. During peak summers, the temperatures can climb as high as 47°C whereas the coldest periods can come down to -4°C. The monsoon comes down in July and August. The best time to visit the capital city is between October and March where the cold creeps in with the influence of snowfall at the nearby mountains.

Best to shopping around in Islamabad?

Shopping in the capital city can be a lot more exciting if you know where to dig in. The shopping scene may not be as maddening as the markets of Karachi or even Peshawar, but it’s a fact that shopping in Islamabad has a charm of its own.

The most striking feature is the centrally located shopping square in each sector called 'markaz'. Such shopping arcades cater to the daily shopping needs. The large squares have a wide range of shops with mobile franchises, grocery stores, bakeries, bookshops, boutiques and shoe stores.

Important and crowded markets include the affordable and reasonable Abpara market, Blue Area, Super Market F6, Kohsar Market and Jinnah super. There are weekly bazaars where several stalls sell edible and non edible items at cheaper prices than retail shops.

Travel Guide

Islamabad is the rambling capital city of Pakistan. It is a well developed and planned city, endowed with all the essence of a well-groomed capital town. Truly, Islamabad is beautiful and holds a name for being a symbol of progress, architectural marvel and innovation.

Combining an affluent history, you can experience the confluence of many civilizations under the temperate climate. Wide, tree-lined streets decorate the zones and sectors of the city, making it striking. Apart from the ancient structures, one does feel the mechanical crush, exasperating human, grassy parklands, shiny restaurants that epitomize most of the Asian subcontinents


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