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New York City is a diverse and lively cosmopolitan with breathtaking landmarks, an inspiring cultural center, and some of the world's best food.
New York City is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with millions of visitors from all over the world coming for business and pleasure. Often referred to as the "City that Never Sleeps", New York City houses some of the world’s major financial, industrial, commercial, and cultural centres.
From modern skyscrapers and historical monuments to a multitude of world-famous museums and entertainment venues, New York City is full of attractions for its visitors and locals alike. The bustling Manhattan is home to the majority of the attractions, including the Empire State Building, The Museum of Modern Art, and Central Park, to name a few.
Due to its incredibly diverse population, NYC is full of art and culture, along with a thriving nightlife scene and many restaurants. New York City hosts culinary experts from all around. You can go from trying Italian pizza to traditional Japanese dishes with just a walk of a few blocks. Whether you are visiting for business or planning a vacation, NYC’s diverse nature and constantly evolving vibe are going to leave you mesmerised.
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5 Facts About New York

Experiencing NYC is full of excitement and a rush. Before you pack your bag to head to the "Big Apple", Here are five facts about New York City.

FAQs - Flights to New York

What is the duration of the flight to New York?
The duration of your New York bound flight will depend on several factors including your source destination, nature of the flight, weather conditions, and air traffic. A direct flight from London Heathrow takes around 8 hours to reach John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, whereas a direct flight from Dubai will take approximately 14 hours to reach New York City.
Which Airlines fly To New York?
British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, United, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Emirates, and Delta are the popular airlines that operate to and from New York City. If you have any queries about your airline, call our travel expert, they will help you resolve all your doubts.
When Is the Best Time to Travel To New York?
The best times to visit New York are during the spring months (April through June) and the winter months (November-December). During spring, you'll experience pleasant, mild weather in New York that is ideal for sightseeing and exploring various attractions, while from November onwards, New York City is sprinkled with festive decorations and cold (sometimes snowy) weather.
What is the best way to travel around New York City?
Public Transport is the best way to travel around NYC. The city has a well connected system of subways, buses, and cabs, connecting all the attractions and boroughs. It is also comparatively cheaper to travel around New York City by the means of public transport.
Where Can I Find Low-Cost Flights to New York?
Crystal Travel has a whole host of New York flight deals and discounts available across a wide variety of airlines, so you can browse online or call to book your next USA adventure at affordable prices.

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