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Montego Bay is loved for its lively atmosphere, authentic cuisine beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and outdoor adventures.

Ever wondered what it feels like to go on a vacation where you can spot the celebrities and richest people around?

Well, Montego Bay will indeed become your bae once you visit this alluring place.

Jamaica's Montego Bay has gained a reputation as the second-largest city in the Caribbean but is also one of the island's tourism hubs and one of the top resort destinations.

You’ll find everything you need in the enchanting “Montego Bay”—whether you want to relax on the white sandy beaches under blue skies or be swept away by one of the world's coolest nightlife scenes just steps from your hotel.

With a large export trade in fruits and other agricultural products, it is a commercial centre and port.

To enjoy some luxury sports, golf courses are also a great option to enjoy apart from the commercial things. The clear blue skies and the beaches are a sight to catch.

The nightlife of Montego Bay is as exciting as it can get, especially if you have the guts to visit the Rose Haul at night.  The fine dining experiences and the mouth-watering food will make your beach days exceptional.

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5 things to do in Montego Bay

From beautiful beaches to the cruise experience, Montego Bay is heaven to vacay in. We have listed the 5 best things you can go for during your visit.

FAQ’s - Flights to Montego Bay
When is a good time to visit Montego Bay?
A perfect getaway during the winter months of November and mid-December is the perfect time to visit Montego Bay if you love some sunshine. The most reasonable price to the hotels and restaurants can be experienced during this time. Early booking is always advisable to avoid the last-minute rush.
What currency is used in Montego Bay?
In Jamaica, the official currency is the Jamaican dollar. However, US dollars are widely accepted in Jamaica. Take Jamaican dollars if you're going somewhere outside of the tourist centres. Generally, you can do without the US dollar in big resort areas.
What is the nearest airport to Montego Bay?
The nearest airport to Montego Bay in Montego Bay Airport MBJ. The airlines that fly directly to Montego Bay Airpot are TUI, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic. Sangster is another airport that has both domestic as well as international routes.
How to Travel in Montego Bay?
The best way to roam around Montego Bay is through taxis and cabs as they are much easier to operate around the city. However, it is necessary to ensure that you are travelling by official taxis operated by the Jamaica travel association.
How to book cheap flights to Montego Bay?
If you book your flight tickets well in advance, you will be able to get a better deal, wherever you are flying from. Book your flight tickets online with Crystal Travel to find some of the best deals. Save money on flight tickets by booking through us.
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