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Jamaica is one of the most attractive destinations in the Caribbean, renowned for its stunning beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, spirited reggae, and music scene.

Jamaica is a diverse and energetic island country with rugged mountains, lush rainforests, powdery beaches, majestic coral reefs, and colonial architecture. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica offers plenty of things to do and see for adventurers, water enthusiasts, history buffs, and lazy beach bums.

Stroll around Falmouth to explore the colonial buildings and many plantations, then head to the Luminous Lagoon or stop by one of the little villages to soak in the vibrant culture. If you want to feel the fresh sea breeze, head to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, the best two seaside spots on the whole island. The coasts of Jamaica offer many water activities, from snorkeling, diving, and swimming to parasailing, paddle boating, surfing, and cruise trips. 

Nature lovers would enjoy a visit to Jamaica, you can go hiking or bird watching in the Blue Mountains and Black River area. Ecotourists will love to explore Port Antonio, many waterfalls, caves, and nature reserves on the island. While music fans would love to visit the Bob Marley Museum. 

Jamaica is known as the "Rum Capital of the World", stop by one of the many distilleries and cherish sampling the drinks. There is no shortage of attractions in Jamaica, from swimming amongst the coral reefs and breathtaking scenery to vibrant nightlife and reggae music. Head to Negril if you want to enjoy the best parties on the island. Negril is also the best place to lie back and relax while sipping on a cocktail and cherishing the scenic view.

No matter where you go or for how long you stay, whether it is to pursue numerous outdoor activities & attractions or relax at the beaches; you will leave this place with everlasting memories. Still not intrigued to visit Jamaica? Perhaps our deals for cheap flights to Jamaica will convince you to reserve your plane tickets to the "birthplace of reggae."

Cheap Flights To Jamaica

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Top Cities To Visit In Jamaica

Jamaica is a fascinating island nation filled with many plantations, lush forests, rugged mountains, azure lagoons, pristine beaches, and 19th-century architecture. Not only that, the sun, waves, rum, reggae music, and laid-back vibe attract people from all over. Let us explore five such places in Jamaica.

FAQs: Flights To Jamaica

Which Airlines Fly To Jamaica?
There are two major airports in Jamaica: 
  • Donald Sangster International Airport (MBJ) is the most popular and busiest airport in Jamaica. It is about 5 kilometres east of Montego Bay, Jamaica. It serves as the gateway for tourists visiting the northern coast of the island.
  • Located in the southern part of the island, Norman Manley International Airport (KIN) is the second busiest airport in Jamaica. The airport is approximately 19 km from the centre of New Kingston, Jamaica.
What Is The Weather Pattern In Jamaica?
Jamaica generally experiences a tropical climate with two seasons: a wet season (May to late November) with noticeably higher rainfall and a dry season (December to April). Jamaica The average temperature ranges from 25 to 31 degrees Celsius.
When Is The Best Time To Travel To Jamaica?
The dry season (mid-December through mid-April) is the peak tourist season in Jamaica as travellers from Europe & the USA try to escape the colder winter temperatures. Jamaica experiences pleasant weather with little to no rainfall during this time, making it a perfect time to explore the island. Many festivals and carnivals are held during the dry season, attracting millions of visitors. July and August are better times to visit the island as the weather is balmy and perfect for enjoying the beach.
What Is The Cheapest Time To Fly To Jamaica?
June and August is the cheapest time to fly to Jamaica. Travellers should avoid visiting Jamaica during this month due to rainfall and the chances of hurricanes. You can find flights and accommodations at a cheaper rate during these months.
How Long Is The Flight To Jamaica?
The flight duration to Jamaica will depend on the city you are flying from, routes, and weather conditions. Here is the flight duration for some of the popular routes to Jamaica.
  • London: A non-stop flight from London takes around 10 hours to land in Jamaica.
  • New York City: A non-stop flight from NYC can take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to land in Jamaica.
  • Miami: A non-stop flight can take around 3 hours and 50 minutes to land in Jamaica.
  • Paris: A flight from Paris to Jamaica takes about 9 hours and 30 minutes.
How Do I Travel Around From The Airport In Jamaica?
Jamaica is a small island with plenty of transportation options at low rates. You can opt for taxis, rental cars, bikes, and mopeds to explore the island. Bus services are also available to the popular attractions in Jamaica.
How To Book Cheap Flight Tickets To Jamaica?
Getting cheap flight tickets to Jamaica is not a difficult task anymore. All you have to do is book your tickets 6-8 weeks before your preferred departure date. Secondly, if you travel during the off-season, there is a better chance of getting affordable flight tickets to Jamaica. Furthermore, you can schedule a call with our travel experts or utilize our dynamic search engine to find flight tickets at a cheaper rate.
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