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From lush green spaces to panoramic views, Dominica is sure going to take your breath away.

This unspoiled paradise is home to divers, hikers, and naturalists is Dominica also known as "The Nature Island of the Caribbean." It boasts one of the most dramatic and scenic volcanic landscapes of the Windward Islands with lush rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, gorges, rivers, steamy hot springs, and the highest mountains in the east.

Rocky black-sand beaches and rustic coastal villages are scattered along the rugged coastline, which is a terrific snorkelling or diving spot.

The mix of cultures in Dominica is also fascinating. The island's British, French, and West Indian influences lend Dominica its own appeal, and it is home to one of the largest Carib Indian communities in the eastern Caribbean. This is reflected in the vibrant city of Roseau, which is the island's capital and main city.

There are no large high-rise resorts like those on other Caribbean islands in Dominica, making it refreshingly unspoiled by package tourism. Dominica is often visited as part of a day trip from a cruise or on a multi-day vacation from another nearby island. Others try to escape colder climates by spending the winter in Dominica and taking advantage of the island's beautiful natural splendours.

Dominica is more likely to draw visitors seeking hiking or nature-focused vacations, but it also has some beautiful coastlines. The beaches in Dominica usually have black volcanic sand, although depending on the weather, the sand may appear grey.

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5 Best places to visit in Dominica

Tropical rainforests and natural hot springs characterize Dominica, a mountainous Caribbean island nation. Planning a visit to this gorgeous place? We have got your back! Listed down are 5 Amusing places that you should visit.

FAQs on Dominica
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What is the best time to visit Dominica?

Dominica is best visited between October and January when hotel rates are lower and humidity is generally lower. Temperatures in Dominica see a limited variation. The temperature is not too cold either, so that way if you are not a fan of winters you can easily enjoy your time over there.

What is the nearest airport to Dominica?

Douglas-Charles Airport(DOM)  is nearest to Dominica. Another airport that serves Dominica is Melville Hall Airport which is approx 11 km away from the city. You can easily book cheap flight tickets through Crystal Travel.  

What currency is used in Dominica?

It is the East Caribbean dollar (XCD) which is the official currency of Dominica. However, the euro, the British pound and US dollars are all commonly accepted on the island. However, change is most often given in the East Caribbean dollar. Hotels and banks can exchange money for travellers.

Which Airlines fly to Dominica?
JetBlue and American airlines offer their services to Dominica airport. Other airlines like British Airways and South Airways also commute to the DOM airport. All of the top airline fares are exclusively available at Crystal Travel, head over to a search engine to select the best deal.
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