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Experience the magic and majesty of a city filled with souks, vibrant squares, and superb architecture.

Marrakesh also known as the city of luxury is the fourth largest city in Morocco. Being the tourist capital it also contributes to the economy. In the red city that invites people from all over the world wholeheartedly, history and the taste of hospitality make it a pearl of polish.

You can explore some beautiful architecture dated years ago. If you are someone who enjoys the luxury feels then the roads and hammams are just the right places for you. The traditional house will take you back to old times with beautiful interior designs. The mosques here are definitely worth a visit.

There shouldn't be any limit to checking out the amazing Marrakesh, hence taking a ride on the hot air balloon will give you a perfect view of this beautiful city from the top of Atlas Mountain Foothill.

If you are visiting this place in one of those hot summer months, take some time out to get away from the scorching heat and go for a swim on Fiesta and Brazilian beach. Take a stroll around the souks of Marrakech and get your hand on some beautiful ceramic cutleries and chandeliers to light up your house.

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5 Things to do in Marrakesh

The city of luxury has so much to see and do. Check out these 5 amazing things that you can add to your journey to Marrakesh.

FAQs - Flights to Marrakesh

When is a good time to visit Marrakesh?
May and September are the ideal months for a visit. Marrakesh can get intensively hot during the daytime and instantly cold in the evening. Hence, the best time to plan your vacation to Marrakesh would be during the spring and autumn times to avoid extreme heat or cool temperatures.
What currency is used in Marrakesh?
Being situated in Morocco, the currency used in Marrakesh is the Moroccan Dirham. It is a closed currency so you can only have access to this currency once you arrive in Morocco. One can easily exchange euros and American currency after visiting here. Using cards can actually get expensive.
What is the nearest airport to Marrakesh?
The nearest airport to Marrakesh is Marrakech Menara Airport which is 4.5 km away from the main city. This international airport receives many flights from Europe as well as Arab countries. Other nearby airports to the city are Casablanca (CMN) and Agadir which are an approx 190kms away from Marrakesh.
How to Travel in Marrakesh?
It is best to opt for a local transportation service as they are the cheapest medium and also helpful in exploring the city easily. There are also taxi services available for people who are not comfortable travelling through public transportation. You can also opt for a walk to nearby places to have a proper local experience.
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