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Amman is a wondrous place with many beautiful locations to explore

Jordan is famous for Petra and other iconic locations famous worldwide but have you ever considered visiting the capital city Amman. This charming destination has everything that you are looking for, local culture, amazing landscapes and amazing heritage beauty. While you are here the places to visit are never going to end thus every day you will be seeing new things.

The city is also an ideal base for exploring the remote yet remarkable areas of Jordan. Thus, if you are interested in exploring the lesser-known yet fascinating corners of Jordan, Amman can be the right stop for you as everything is easily accessible from here. Have you been looking for cheap flight tickets to Amman? Look no further because you will find it over here.

Cheap Flights from London to Amman

You can keep searching on the internet for cheap and affordable flight tickets to Amman but we are sure that you will end up getting confused. If you book with Crystal Travel then you get the best price guarantee which means that this price is the best available in the market. You can either book for yourself or call one of our travel agents for expert guidance and quick booking.

5 Best Places to visit in Amman

There are many places that you can visit in Amman from skyscrapers to museums and more. We have listed the 5 best places that you should definitely be visiting when you are at this amazing place.

FAQs - Flights to Amman
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When is the best time to visit Amman?

The best time to visit Amman is in April or May as these months shows spring colours to the tourists, making it an ideal time for outside exploration. If you are planning your trip during the ideal conditions and weather then you will enjoy your holiday in Amman to the fullest.

Do I need a visa to enter Amman?

Being a British passport holder you will need a visa to enter Amman legally and rightfully. You can get a 1-month visa on arrival at the airports or other border crossing facility. Also, there is a provision for extending your visa for up to 6 months.

What items I cannot bring to Amman?

You cannot bring the following items while coming to Amman: acids, bearer documents, flammables, gases, spices, seeds, poisons, radioactive and magnetized material, infectious substances, dry and wet ice, hazardous batteries, corrosives and more.

How long is the flight from London to Amman?

A non-stop or direct flight from London will take only 4 hours 50 minutes to land in Amman. If you do not get a direct flight then this duration can increase considerably depending on which airline you are flying with and how long is your wait time to board the connecting flight.

How to book cheap flights to Amman?

Always try to book your flights way ahead of time if you want to get your tickets at the average price. Thus, we recommend that you should book your flight tickets 90-120 days in advance so that you automatically get the cheapest airfares.

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