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The cultural city of Kurdistan has so much to see and do.

Nestles in the northeast portion of Iraq and southeast part of Kurdistan. Earlier it served as a major hub for trading between Iraq and Iran. Sulaymaniyah has a bustling rich history and culture of artists like writers, poets, historians and singers making this place the cultural hub of Kurdish. It also serves as a perfect place for the Iranians to celebrate holidays with their families due to strict laws in their country. Sulaymaniyah is a place where you can keep busy for a couple of days at least. This is a great city that offers a blend of modern attractions and culture. Additionally, you can meet plenty of friendly locals. 

The beauty of this place is defined by its mountains and If you love adventure, you can opt for a hike and picnic. Have a look for serene sunset views from this place. The social and modern life here is equipped with malls, parks and adventures. Apart from the rich culture, Sulaymaniyah has a lot of beautiful waterfalls and gardens to visit and dine in cafes. 

In the centre of the city, visitors are always drawn in by its thrilling and exciting vibe. Slemani's busy and authentic eventful markets and bazaars will transport you to a cultural and enchanting world away from today's modern life. Kurdish culture is fascinating, you will enjoy the markets, the fresh fruit and vegetables, the Kurdish traditional clothing and much more than you can expect from the markets.

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5 things to Do in Sulaymaniyah

From museums and hills to the traditional markets, Sulaymaniyah sure knows how to keep its visitors entertained throughout. To know this beautiful place better it is best to get your feet on the ground and start exploring. To make your trip even more meaningful we have listed the top 5 things you can do during your visit to Sulaymaniyah.

FAQs on Sulaymaniyah

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What is the best time to visit Sulaymaniyah?
The suitable time to visit Sulaymaniyah is during summer, April to June and October to November is also great time. You will experience limited rainfall during this time and lots of sunshine. Making it a pleasant temperature for you.
What is the nearest airport to Sulaymaniyah?
Sulaymaniyah International Airport, which serves domestic and international flights, is located around 12km from the city centre.  You can take or book a taxi from the airport to reach the main part of the city easily.
What currency is used in Sulaymaniyah?
Iraqi Dinar is the official currency in Sulaymaniyah and is widely used. US dollars can also be widely accepted here, if you like to exchange money you can easily do it at the currency exchange bureaus from airports or banks.
Which Airlines fly to Sulaymaniyah
The flights that have their routes to Sulaymaniyah are Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian and British Airways. Some other flights that are serving this route are Wizz Air, Ryanair and Condor. Check out the affordable flight ticket booking options from our website.
How to book cheap flights to Sulaymaniyah?
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