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Malaga is a place filled with love for Picasso’s paintings and beautiful beaches.

The 5th Largest City in Spain, ‘Malaga’, is the birthplace of well-known artist Pablo Picasso. The picturesque beaches, museums and beautiful weather complement this city rather well. Being a hub for many international courses, Malaga is not only a tourist destination but also a business centre for the southernmost part of Spain.

Roman history is still admired by a lot of tourists through Roman theatres and several castles and forts built hundreds of years ago. The nightlife of Malaga gets only sounder as the day gets darker. Be it movie haul, shopping malls, or nightclubs, the city is fuelled with energy throughout. The moderate temperature allows people to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

The markets in Malaga are no less than shopping heaven when it comes to trendy, international, or even traditional crafts. Picasso's paintings and museums have been major tourist attractions. So if you have a love for artistic creations, this spot is just for you.

Nestled into the hills, taking a drive near the city, you’ll find white house villages that are not just peaceful but soothing to the eyes as well.

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5 Things to do at Malaga

From strolling around the white house villages to experiencing the family beaches. The food and the pleasant weather make the visit all the way more special. Malaga will sure make a place in your heart.

FAQs - Flights to Malaga

When is a good time to visit Malaga?
If you love all the sunshine on you then the best time to visit Malaga is from June to September.  The temperature does not exceed more than 31°C during the summer months and has pleasant weather throughout the year. These months are also preferable for going out to beaches and swimming.
What is the nearest airport to Malaga?
The nearest airport to Málaga is Malaga (AGP) Airport which is around 7 km away from the city. The airport is very well connected to other parts of the city. Transportation is readily available from the airport terminal to easily commute to the destination.
What items I cannot bring to Malaga?
Items that are prohibited to bring to Malaga are acids, explosives, meat, liquids more than 100ml, weapons etc. These are also included in the general airport guidelines that can be checked before boarding the flight through the website or by contacting the customer representative.
What are transportation methods from the airport?
Malaga airport is connected to the city through different modes of transport. Bus taxis and even trains are available. To reach the city centre the best way is to get on board the train Line C1 at a very minimum cost. Taxis and buses are also a great option.
How to book cheap flights to Malaga?
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