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Europe’s one of the most exquisite places to visit, Serbia offers some fine dining places, picturesque landscapes, and beautiful historical monuments.

As part of the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia is located in southeastern Europe, as it has a majority of Serbia citizens and a variety of other nationalities. Serbia is a place of friendly people who value sportsmanship, amazing customs, and a rich cultural legacy that contributes to the depth of European culture, making it necessary to explore and visit the country.

Serbia is best known for its Raspberries and is also the second-largest exporter of many plums and berries. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is known to be one of the most ancient places and gathers a lot of tourists throughout the year. Currently, this place boasts a flourishing economy and cultural heritage. The word Vampire is used widely in Serbia.  

You won't be visiting Serbia without evading city centre automobiles and visiting Belgrade's basement pubs.

One of the most famous cities in Serbia is Subotica due to its vibrant pastel-coloured walls, which keep a decent attraction during summer. 

It is essentially the most mesmerizing nightspot to watch the sunset along the river dotted with colourful houses. There is nothing more captivating in Europe than the Danube, which is the longest river in the world.

The city has always been a top destination for travellers for late-night cafes, clubs, music festivals, and night activities. Whether you are single, with a partner, or with family, there is something for everyone to do at night. Serbians offer the most mouthwatering meals and they love to have their meals by sitting down and it's indeed a pride thing for them. 

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5 things to do in Serbia

There is something for everyone on the Down the Resava Gorge Tour, from caves and waterfalls to ancient architecture and a unique Serbian tourist attraction. Serbia is one such place that will keep you hooked up throughout your visit with the most fascinating places to visit. We have listed down 5 places that you can opt to see in Serbia.

FAQs on Serbia
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What is the best time to visit Serbia?
The best time to visit Serbia is during the spring season (March to May) and autumn (September to October). The weather is suitable for sightseeing and the heat is comparatively less in these months. You will also be able to explore the city’s best events during this time.
What is the nearest airport to Serbia?
Morava (KVO) Airport is the closest airport to Serbia, located 37.3 kilometres away. Belgrade (BEG) (77 km), Pristina (PRN) (178.6 km), Sarajevo (SJJ) (180.9 km), and Timișoara (TSR) are all neighbouring airports (193.9 km).
What currency is used in Serbia?
Serbian Dinar is the official currency used in Serbia. However, if you are visiting from a foreign country then you can also use international cards as nearly all shops and hotels accept them. You can also get the currency exchanged from the banks and currency exchange bureaus if you are planning to visit local markets.
How to commute to Serbia?
You can easily get a rental car or book a car to commute to Serbia. However, if you want a much cheaper way of travelling through the city then buses are the most convenient options to go for. Each town has commuting options through buses so you can easily get around your way.
How to book cheap flights to Serbia?

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