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With breathtaking gardens, beautiful canals, mesmerizing museums with a rich heritage of cultures and history and calming villages, the Netherland is just the perfect vibrant destination for a vacation.

The Netherlands, located in the northwest part of Europe is home to beautiful canals, tulip gardens and Dutch culture. Dutch museums are considered some of the best in the world, with the resulting art and science treasures, almost spilling from them. In addition to windmills, there are also tulips and groundbreaking architecture and progressive culture. 

The Netherlands life might not be very cheap to adjust to but a trip to this stunning place will only leave you with experiences for life. 

The Dutch history in the Netherlands can still be looked upon in today’s world here. Be it through their canals or windmills you will find their rich history glorifying from each corner. Dutch people are in general very fond of Bicycling and hence taking a ride on the bike is just the mandatory ritual that you would need to hop on. 

Because the Netherlands is one of the most populous countries in Europe, you may easily navigate the countryside by bike or foot. Many picturesque areas provide beautiful Tulip flowers and wildlife, as well as the ability to enjoy tranquil, undisturbed nature.
You can easily explore the culinary legacy of the Netherlands wherever you are in the globe. Learn about the history of cheese and sample some of the greatest in the world while enjoying substantial pub appetizers that go nicely with a pint of Belgian beer. Try raw herring or waffles for a milder effect.

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5 things to see in the Netherlands

The Netherlands successfully combines decades of culture with a modern, socially liberal environment. And the aesthetic wonders of this low-lying nation continue to captivate. Check out the top 5 things you should not miss visiting while in the Netherlands.

FAQs Netherlands
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When is a good time to visit the Netherlands?

The greatest time to visit the Netherlands is between June and September, or between September and November when the leaves change and the festive foods and drinks appear. During these times, you'll receive the ideal balance of value, and tranquilly, and activities and temperatures are nice, resembling a little wintery.

What is the nearest airport to the Netherlands?
Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Airport is the closest airport to the Netherlands. It is located 70.1 kilometres away. A number of other airports are nearby, including Rotterdam (RTM) (108.5 km), Eindhoven (EIN) (118.4 km), Dusseldorf (DUS) (152.6 km) and Dortmund (DTM) (168.2 km).
What items I cannot bring to the Netherlands?
Acids, explosives, meat, liquids larger than 100ml, firearms, and other items are forbidden from being brought into the Netherlands. These are also contained in the general airport instructions, which may be accessed via the website or by calling the customer service agent prior to boarding the aircraft.
Which airlines fly to the Netherlands?
Delta, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Kenya Airways, EasyJet, KLM Cityhopper, Xiamen Airlines and Etihad Airways all fly direct to the Netherlands. You can book your flight tickets at a fairly low rate with Crystal Travel. Check out the dynamic search engine option and choose a suitable flight for your next trip to the Netherlands.
How to book cheap flights to the Netherlands?
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