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Fly down to the island nation and experience the cultural heritage of Malta through the famous churches and temples.

Malta is an island nation at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. This strategically important group of islands is small but has a wide geographic range.

The warm climate and spectacular view of the landscape are significant reasons why big films are produced here and tourists can also check out the sets. If you are specifically a religious person you’d definitely enjoy visiting Malta as it has almost 300+ churches due to the Roman Catholic faith. Some of the archipelago's temples date back thousands of years, including Malta's Megalithic Temples.


You might think it is really a small island, however, it still has 3 UNESCO world heritage sites— Valletta, Hal Safieni Hypogeum and Temples of Malta.

In addition to the lovely weather, Malta has clear water which you can dive into during the summer months. Along its shorelines, there are coral reefs, sunken ships, and wrecked aircraft.


To know Malta internally ditch taxis or cabs and roam around on the ferry for a surreal experience.

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5 Things to Do in Malta

A small island is known for rocky beaches and the best film production locations. Check out the things you can do in Malta.

FAQs - Flights to Malta
When is a good time to visit Malta?
The best time to visit Malta is either from March-April (spring and early summer) or from September to October, there’s also less crowd during these months. You will also find the perfect weather to easily explore the city. Other months can get pretty hot so it is best to avoid travel during those months.
What currency is used in Malta?
Being a Spanish territory island, Malta’s currency is Euro. If you are travelling from a foreign country it is best to use the local currency to avoid any hassles and get the best deals. Be sure to check with your bank about fees for using a debit card and money withdrawals.
What is the nearest airport to Malta?
The nearest airport to Malta is Malta International Airport commonly referred to as Valletta Airport. It also connects to another Maltese island. One can easily get down at the airport and reach the main city through a ferry.
How to Travel in Malta?
The best option you can choose to travel to Malta is a boat. Get on-boat and take a stroll around this island you will get to experience like never before. You can book a special water taxi service as well. The sunshine weather will compliment your boat ride perfectly.
How to book cheap flights to Malta?
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