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The pleasant weather, lakes and museums are a delight to the eyes. Be it the food or the people you’ll find everything exceptional in Munich.

Munich is a city full of attractions for everyone, from the lakes, parks and beer gardens to museums, historical sites, and huge stores. This lifestyle capital of Germany has so much to offer.

A trip to Munich, the Bavarian capital, is all you need if you want to enjoy the finest beers, most idyllic views, mouth-watering food, fantastic art collections, or simply to be surrounded by great people.


Enjoy the snowy weather in winters or keep an eye on the sky during the months of May-August for heavy rain. For bookworms, this place is no less than heaven as Munich is famous for book publishing and printing. Lying in the heart of the city, Marienplatz is a popular attraction for the Old as well as New Town Halls.

Ever since the opera was released Munich started to become the centre of art and music. Tour around the city through trains and get yourself that local feel.

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5 Things To Do in Munich

Experience the best of Munich with our list of top things to do and places to see!

FAQ’s - Flights to Munich
When is a good time to visit Munich?
The perfect time to visit and welcome the summers in Munich is from March-May. The summers are yet to begin during this time hence you won’t have to deal with high temperatures. If you still want a tint of coolness during these months, pack your coat and party at Oktoberfest.
What currency is used in Munich?
The currency widely accepted in Munich, like in other parts of the city, is Euro. If you are visiting Munich by flight, you can easily find the currency exchange bureau at Munich Airport. You can also get your currency exchanged at Munich Heimeranplatz station.
What is the nearest airport to Munich?
Munich (MUC) Airport 28.6km away from the main city is an international airport serving Munich and Upper Bavaria. In Germany, it is the second-busiest airport if you look at the factor of passenger traffic. Other nearby airports are Memmingen (FMM) 100 km and Salzburg (SZG) 112km.
How to Travel in Munich?
Munich is well connected throughout the city with public transportation. You can use the underground railway network U-Bahn which serves approx 100 different stations. There is an urban rail network known as S-Bahn as well, buses, taxis and cabs are also readily available for easy commuting.
How to book cheap flights to Munich?
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