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A vibrant, uber-cool place with tons of things to explore. The city of Nantes is surely gonna make a place on your travel list now.

Nantes was built-in around the Loire river passing. It is the sixth-largest city in France and indeed one of the most beautiful cities to explore.

To discover the old cultural heritage of Nantes, stroll around the old town and discover the historical buildings. Castle of the Dukes is one of the hot spots to have a look in the Old Town. The lush green spaces of Nantes in Japanese Gardens and the waterfall will sure keep you in peace throughout. If you have a love for arts, the fine arts museum has a thousand artworks to look upon. Nantes is most visited during the winters but it does have a lot to offer in summers as well. Take a visit to the nearby beaches to chill.  Noirmoutier is one of the islands you can pack your summer stuff.

You won't be surprised that this quaint neighbourhood is home to some great restaurants. You can find nature on every corner here, with a mild and temperate climate. Now is the time to pack your bags and book your tickets for the next vacay in Nantes.

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5 Things To Do in Nantes

Every city in France has something magical to showcase. Nantes will offer you mesmerising museums and catholic churches that will make you visit Nantes over and over again. Below are listed 5 things you can opt to do if you are visiting for the very first time.

FAQ’s - Flights to Nantes
When is a good time to visit Nantes?
May to September is a good time to plan your visit to Nantes. Winders are generally very cold and summers see a moderate climate. One can experience rain in November- December and hence, it is better to plan your trip by checking the favourable weather conditions.
What currency is used in Nantes?
The currency most widely used in France is Euro and every city in France is applicable to use it. Nantes too has the official currency Euro. If you are a tourist there are currency exchange bureaus you can opt for outside the airport.
What is the nearest airport to Nantes?
Airports near Nantes include Nantes (NTE) Airport, which is 7.6 kilometres away. Additionally, Rennes (RNS) (95.5 km) and La Rochelle (LRH) (118.9 km) are relatively close by. You can book a taxi from the airport to reach the main city.
How to Travel in Nantes?
You can use public transport and buses or ferries to move around the Loire. The transportation cost is also very minimal and budget-friendly. There are taxis also available that work on a metre drop basis and charge accordingly. There are many car rental companies also available in the city. Hence, you can opt for a rented vehicle and drive around the city.
How to book cheap flights to Nantes?
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