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Snow caped Christmas, sunny beaches, rich history and beautiful monuments in Estonia are indeed a sight to behold.

Estonia is Europe's most spacious nation, an island located in Northern Europe and is one of the Baltic States. Most of Estonia is covered with lush green areas, approx 50%, which is why it is known as the greenest nation in Europe making it the most suitable place to breathe clean air and fill your lungs up with some fresh air.

Estonia acquires more than 2000 islands and lands where people are unaware of the other islands' civilisations. Estonia is recognised for its lush forests, the attractive mediaeval centre of Tallinn, and its pleasantly distinct millennia-long history. In recent years, the Baltic nation has experienced an increase in tourism and even created a Digital Nomad Visa for people seeking to stay for an extended period of time. 

Estonia in itself is a very calming and relaxing place to be. However, if you are still looking for some magnificent places to calm those muscles down, spas in the capital city of Estonia are a must to go to. This region, with a lovely, Slavic-like sound to its name, sandwiched between Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea, and the Russian Federation, has a great gastronomic narrative to tell the world.

After learning about Estonians’ hidden charms, you may find it difficult to avoid visiting this country. With our affordable range of flight tickets, Crystal Travel is here to back you up with your travel plans to Estonia.

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5 places to visit in Estonia

For adventure seekers, Estonia has several excellent options. There are vestiges of ancient landmarks, as well as traditional traditions and customs, everywhere throughout Estonia. We have selected the top five locations in Estonia that you should visit during your vacation.

FAQs on Estonia
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What is the best time to visit Estonia?
The best time to visit Estonia is from late May to early August if you are into experiencing some golden hours at the beach and enjoying the site lakes. The winters, however, have their own magic. During December, especially near Christmas, this place turns into the sight of Heaven.
What is the nearest airport to Estonia?
The nearest airport to Estonia is Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, which is also one of the biggest airports. The airport is approximately 20 minutes away from Tallinn city. Apart from Tallinn airport, there are 2 domestic airports as well that you can catch flights to in order to reach Estonia: Kuressaare and Tartu.
What currency is used in Estonia?

Being a European nation, the currency used in Estonia is EURO. Rather than exchanging currencies from airports opt for exchanging from banks as they will give you a fair deal without charging some extra fee, unlike bureaus. 

How to travel to Estonia?
Taking a ferry ride in Estonia will give you a new experience of commuting to different places and exploring the city well. However, you can also take advantage of public transportation for easy commuting within the city with buses and trains. For private travel, taking up rental cars is a wise option to go with.
How to book cheap flight tickets to Estonia?

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