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The richness of animals in the area, including uncommon European bison. You may travel back in time by visiting the various forts and castles in Belarus.

Belarus continues to maintain its ancient traditions and folk culture. Belarus' population was influenced by nature, paganism, and the cult of ancestors for centuries before the arrival of Christianity. It's mostly a Christian nation now, but there are still pagan festivals and rituals in Belarus. Karle and Mazlenitsa are particularly beautiful! Take the time to visit them when you're in Belarus!

There have been many architectural styles originating from different countries and regions in Belarus throughout its history. In some cases, the tones of these songs remained largely unchanged, while in other cases they were reshaped to give them a uniquely Belarusian sound. You will be able to dive into Belarus' past by visiting the country's architectural attractions. Moreover, both Mir Palace Complex and Nesvizh Castle are World Heritage Sites.

The essence of a person's character can be captured in one of the many Belarusian proverbs. Belorussians are known as friendly hosts and considerate of their guests. 

Visit Belarus and experience its natural beauty as well as unique adventures for every season.

Visitors can watch movies from all over the world at the Minsk International Film Festival Listapad, which takes place in November. Those who love ballet and opera should attend performances at the Bolshoi Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre at different times of the year. Another interesting thing to do is to visit a circus in Belarus.

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5 things to do in Belarus

One of the most exciting reasons to visit Belarus is a city full of love, stunning scenery, and potatoes. Many farmhouses were erected near rivers and lakes, as well as many national parks and other attractions. We have chosen the top 5 destinations that you should consider visiting.

FAQs on Belarus

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What is the best time to visit Belarus?

Belarus normally experiences mild summers with temperatures around 20°C and cool winters with temperatures below freezing. Mid-May to mid-September is the best time to visit Belarus because it's comfortable. Summer months such as July are also popular for tourists.

What is the nearest airport to Belarus?
Belarus's nearest airport is Minsk (MSQ), which is 56.2 kilometres distant. Minsk International Airport is located 42 kilometres east of the capital Minsk, geographically within the boundaries of Smalyavichy Raion but administratively in the Kastrychnitski District of Minsk.
What items I cannot bring to Belarus?
Acids, explosives, meat, liquids larger than 100ml, firearms, and other items are forbidden from being brought into Georgia. These are also contained in the general airport instructions, which may be accessed via the website or by calling the customer service agent prior to boarding the aircraft.
How to reach Belarus from the airport?
You may take a train which is one of the best commuting options in Belarus. Alternatively, every 30 minutes, Aeroexpress runs a bus from Minsk Airport to Minsk Central Bus Station.
How to book cheap flights to Belarus?
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