Flight Tickets to South Korea
South Korea is a wondrous place with many beautiful locations to explore
South Korea has seen the best evolution in a matter of just a few years, taking its tourism sector from rags to riches. The beauty of the country lies when you see an ancient temple adjoining stunning skyscrapers, South Korea is full of such wonderful sights. There is uniqueness in the country, which helps to make it stand out through its culture, heritage and history.
You are going to find spectacular beaches and amazing hiking trails amidst rainforests in South Korea. Thus, if you are not looking for a cityscape you are going to find something to immerse yourself in while you in the middle of concrete blocks. There is diversity in South Korea, which makes it a sweet and safe spot for a mixed holiday comprising of being both cityscape and natural wonder.
Cheap Flights from the UK to South Korea

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5 Best Places to visit in South Korea

There are many places that you can visit in South Korea from skyscrapers to museums and more. We have listed the 5 best places that you should definitely be visiting when you are at this amazing place.

FAQs - Flights to South Korea
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When is the best time to visit South Korea?

The best time to visit South Korea is from March to May when the bloom of cherry blossoms can be seen. If you do not wish to see the flowers then try to visit from September to November when the landscapes are panoramic and serene.

Do I need a visa to enter South Korea?

If you have a legal British passport then you can stay in South Korea as a tourist for up to 90 days without taking a proper stamp visa. Apart from this, you should also have a continued journey ticket or a return ticket.

What items I cannot bring to South Korea?

Here is the list of all the restricted items that you cannot bring to South Korea: weapons of all kind, illegal drugs, protected wildlife, animal products, counterfeit, forged or fake money, precious metals, toxic goods, protected wildlife and more.

How long is the flight from the UK to South Korea?

The average flight time from the UK to South Korea is somewhere around 10-11 hours. Your flight time can increase depending on where you are headed to in South Korea and where you are flying from in the UK.

How to book cheap flights to South Korea?

Booking cheap flight tickets is not tough; you can contact one of our travel experts to get exclusive deals and fares which are currently active. Try to book your flight ticket when a special promo code or a sale is active with one of our travel partners.

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