Flight Tickets to Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar is a fascinating city with a blend of old and new
Planning to have a trip to Ulaanbaatar— The most populous city and capital of Mongolia, dotted with enticing green landscapes and wildflowers. Surrounded by mountains, it is situated on the Tuul Gol River, showing the beauty that lies beyond its borders. It provides everything you'll need for an enjoyable vacation. The best time to visit the city is during the summers from June through August when you can enjoy the lush green milieu.

What to expect in Ulaanbaatar?

  • Visit the Genghis Khan Statue—a historic landmark of the city that lies in Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Apart from this, Gandan Khiid— Mongolia’s largest Buddhist monastery, and the remarkable Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan— Mongolian emperor’s palace, Sukhbaatar Square—Central Square with monuments are dotted around the town. 
  • A number of museums dedicated to Mongolia's interesting cultural and natural past are also worth visiting.
  • Watch the spectacular Naadam festival every July in which men and women compete in horse racing, archery, and wrestling.
  • Shop at the largest flea market in Naran Tuul Market at affordable prices. Dine out at some of the great restaurants like Hazara, Hutong, Karakorum, and many others to enjoy the delectable food of Mongolian origin.


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FAQs - Flights to Ulaanbaatar
How many airports are there in Ulaanbaatar?
Ulaanbaatar has two airports—Buyant Ukhaa International Airport and Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Prior to 2021, there was only one single airport in Ulaanbaatar. Chinggis Khaan International Airport started its operations from July 2021.
Which is the best time to travel to Ulaanbaatar?
June through August is the best time when you can see the attractions of Ulaanbaatar. Summers mark the best season when visiting Ulaanbaatar as you can see lush green surroundings in this season.
How to book cheap flight tickets to Ulaanbaatar?
Use Crystal Travel’s flight search option and fill in the departure airport, travelling dates, and check through our options by clicking on search flights. You are ready to choose from the desired flight options to Ulaanbaatar.
Which airlines fly to Ulaanbaatar?
Some of the Airlines that fly to Ulaanbaatar are Turkish Airlines, Korean Air Lines, MIAT Mongolian, Air France and Aeroflot Russian Airlines.
How to travel around Ulaanbaatar?
There are many mini buses and trolley bus services that will make your commuting easy. However, you can also reach out to different places in Ulaanbaatar purchasing a U Money card paying for the bus fares.  You can take taxis which are most convenient.
Which is the best airport to fly to Ulaanbaatar?
Chinggis Khaan International Airport is the best airport to reach Ulaanbaatar. Chinggis Khaan is also known as New Ulaanbaatar International Airport.
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