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Georgia is known as the birthplace of wine and has all hearts for its visitors.

One of the most visited tourist places in Europe is— Georgia. Georgia is located in a very strategic manner where it bothers with the black sea and is a connecting crossword between Europe and Asia. 

Georgia is known for its warm hospitality and culinary traditions and boasts a cultural legacy that is continued with great pride. 

The love for food sees no boundaries and Georgian food is likely to make you lick your fingers with its delicious meals. Apart from the traditional cuisine, this place will not let you feel homesick as they also have food joints that serve cuisine from all around the world be it non-vegetarian, vegetarian or vegan you will love it all.
There are numerous ways to enjoy yourself in Georgia, no matter where you are. Skiing and snow activities can be enjoyed in mountainous areas during winter. Black Sea beaches are perfect for relaxing.

Apart from this, there are some amusing options for visiting cafes, nightclubs and swimming pools that you can enjoy outside of Tbilisi(the Capital Of Georgia). You can also visit the festivals and events conducted in Tbilisi city. 

There are recreation facilities all around the country, depending on the season. In Georgia, many sports and activities rely on snow in the winter and water in the summer. If you like nature, you may enjoy it by riding; there are pathways all throughout the city.

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5 things to do in Georgia

A country largely unexplored by many, Georgia is admired by visitors for its terrain and delicious wine. But don’t you worry, we have brought you the 5 best things you can do in Georgia which will take up your time but for only good.

FAQs on Georgia?
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When is a good time to visit Georgia?

May, June, and September are actually the three greatest months to visit Georgia since you can escape both the hot summer and the frigid winter. Midsummer is exceptionally hot and humid in the lowlands, although the mountain ranges are much cooler and drier.

What is the nearest airport to Georgia?
There are two major international airports in Georgia, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport which is also the largest in Georgia. Another airport that is nearby Georgia is Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport. You can easily get taxis from the airport to reach the main city without any hassle.
What items I cannot bring to Georgia?
Acids, explosives, meat, liquids larger than 100ml, firearms, and other items are forbidden from being brought into Georgia. These are also contained in the general airport instructions, which may be accessed via the website or by calling the customer service agent prior to boarding the aircraft.
What are transportation methods from the airport?
The Atlanta airport of Georgia is connected to the city through different modes of transport. Bus taxis and even trains are available. The MARTA train line stops at the west end of Atlanta International Airport. You can ride your bike downtown in 20 minutes. Taxis and buses are also a great option.
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