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The Sylhet is a picturesque place with beautiful tea gardens and rick culture to explore

Sylhet is located in Bangladesh on the bank of the Surma River. This city is also known as one of the richest and most popular cities in Bangladesh due to its major tourist attractions. Apart from the man-made architecture in Sylhet, the natural beauty of this is what is majorly loved by foreigners as well as residents.

 Being an important part of the country’s spiritual and cultural center this place sees the most visits throughout the year. The picturesque town of Sylhet is renowned for its tea plantations and Sufi shrines, making it one of Bangladesh's best-kept secrets. 

 Mountains and lush tea gardens surround the area. The breathtaking sunrises, thriving rainforest, and twisting swamp woods all contribute to making such a region perhaps the most wonderful to explore. Sylhet culture also includes tribal communities who live in the hills and maintain their old culture, traditions, and customs. To explore the city in-depth, it is a must to visit the small villages and get to know the local people.


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5 things to Do in Sylhet

Sylhet is known for its cane products and produces tea majorly, yet there is so much to explore, Check out the top 5 things you can opt for to do in Sylhet.

FAQs on Sylhet

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What is the best time to visit Sylhet?

October to December is the best time to visit Sylhet. The crowd is generally low during this time and the city also sees a moderate climate which is suitable for outdoor activities and outings. There is less humidity during this time as winter starts approaching.

What currency is used in Sylhet?

The currency used in Sylhet and other cities in Bangladesh is the Bangladeshi Taka. You can easily get your currency exchanged at the airport and other currency exchange bureaus. Do check the currency exchange policies of your banks in advance to avoid any last-minute headaches.

What is the nearest Airport to Sylhet?

If you are planning to visit Sylhet, then the nearest airport is the nearest airport to Sylhet is Sylhet (ZYL) Airport is approx. 6.6 km away. There are some other nearby airports as well that you can opt for: Agartala (IXA) (128.7 km), and Dhaka (DAC) (188.9 km).

How to Travel in Sylhet?

There are many public transportation services available in Sylhet. Trains and cars are a very easy way of commuting through the city. You can also opt for local buses as they are cheaper to travel on. It's even better if you can rent a two-wheeler or a car to travel around.

How to book cheap flights to Sylhet?The easiest approach to getting inexpensive flights to Sylhet is

The easiest approach to getting inexpensive flights to Sylhet is to book at least 90 days in advance. If you don't have a vacation booked, you can wait until the last day or week to get the remaining few seats at a low price.

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