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Wildlife, culture, peanuts, and beaches you name it and this gorgeous place will keep you stunned with its beauty throughout.

The Gambia has recently become a more popular destination for European tourists to visit this small country in western Africa. There's no time difference, it's a short flight, and the accommodations are generally very affordable. Banjul's River Island National Park is a wonderful place to view wildlife, especially the baboons. The beaches and diverse landscape here make for relaxing holidays. There are also lush forests galore, so no matter what you want out of your trip, you'll find it here. 

Relaxing on the pristine sands of Senegambia is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine. There is also the option of cruising down the Gambia River in a relaxed style.
In addition to birdwatching in the wetlands and monkey spotting in Bijilo National Park, there are other nature activities in this country to enjoy. How about visiting Kerr Batch in the Southwest for an experience that is a little different? Kachikally Crocodile Pool is said to have healing properties.

Experience the beauty of the surrounding mangroves, birds, and wildlife on a guided cruise along the River Gambia. If you're lucky, you may get a shot of the top of a hippo lurking in the water, but even if you don't, you will still have some great shots to look over. While you are on board, you can consume food and drinks to keep you refreshed. During your stay on board, you will have the opportunity to do some fishing while you soak up the Gambian sun. With The Gambia river cruises, you can spend the day on the water enjoying the sights and sounds of the country.

Cheap Flights to The Gambia

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5 Places to Visit In The Gambia

The Gambia offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Africa where you will not only see wildlife but instead-worthy picture corners that will make you desire to visit this place all over again. We have mentioned 5 places that you can consider visiting In Gambia.

FAQs on The Gambia

What Is The Best Time to Visit The Gambia?
The Gambia's long dry season, between November and May, is the perfect time to visit. Travellers are encouraged to take advantage of the country's famous beaches while daytime temperatures average 24 degrees in coastal areas.
What Is The Nearest Airport to The Gambia?
The sole international airport in the Gambia is Banjul International Airport, which is well-linked to the rest of the city and offers passengers transit options such as rented cabs. There is additional lodging near the airport.
What Currency Is Used in The Gambia?
The Gambia, located along the coast of western Africa, uses the Gambian dalasi as its official currency. There are 100 bututs in one dalasi. A pound was worth five dalasis when it replaced the Gambian pound.
Which Airlines Fly To The Gambia?
Among major airlines American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines serve their routes to the Gambia from European countries as well as other Gulf countries. You can easily book cheap flight tickets from these top airlines through our dynamic search engine where great deals and offers on flight tickets are also available.
How To Book Cheap Flights to The Gambia?
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