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Sudan is a wondrous place with many beautiful locations to explore
Sudan contains a lot of raw beauty which often attracts tourists who are in search of the real culture and beauty of different destinations in the world. If you are ready to dive into the history that the cities of Sudan offer then you are going to love every bit of your exploration journey. While you are here try to dress modestly if you do not want to hurt the beliefs and notions of the locals and try to remain respectful.
The local food is something that you should definitely try while you are here; we guarantee you that it is something you would have never tasted before. Sudan is a hot country thus make sure you know where and when you are headed, to make the most out of this unusual expedition. Need flight tickets to Sudan? Call our travel experts for cheap flight tickets.
Cheap Flights from the UK to Sudan

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5 Best Places to visit in Sudan

There are many places that you can visit in Sudan from skyscrapers to museums and more. We have listed the 5 best places that you should definitely be visiting when you are at this amazing place.

FAQs - Flights to Sudan

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When is the best time to visit Sudan?

The ideal time to visit Sudan is from September to March when the heat has subsided a little bit. It is very hot in Sudan after March, which can make it hard for you to go for outdoor exploration.

Do I need a visa to enter Sudan?

If you hold a legal British passport then you would surely need to apply for a visa before entering Sudan. Visit the embassy in London to apply for a stamped visa before your take-off as the laws are very strict in Sudan thus try to have proper papers before entering.

What items I cannot bring to Sudan?

While you are entering Sudan do not carry with you alcoholic beverages, pornographic material of any kind, pork meat, endangered species of plants and live animals, animal products, any kind of goods from Israel and more.

How long is the flight from London to Sudan?

A direct flight from London to Sudan is going to take a maximum of 9 hours. The duration of your flight also depends on factors like where you are flying from and where you are headed to. If you do not get a direct flight to Sudan then also this duration can increase substantially.

How to book cheap flights to Sudan?

Always try to book your flight tickets when there is a sale going on or the discounts are too good to be true. Such offers always remain in the pipeline with our travel experts thus whenever you require cheap flight tickets call our agents to get the best deals.

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