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Sierra Leone is endowed with abundant natural resources. It boasts some of the best beaches in the world, a rich heritage, and gorgeous scenery, but its most valuable asset is its warm, kind population, the majority of whom will go out of their way t

Sierra Leone is a country in Africa and it gets its name from a Portuguese explorer. Apart from being known for the civil war and the Ebola pandemic that completely ruined this beautiful place, there is still so much beauty to look into and explore. Sierra is also famous for its mining centre as it yields gold and diamonds. It is also known for its blood diamonds which are used in civil wars. Adventurers will find plenty of things to keep them entertained in this vibrant and exciting destination. 

If you are visiting Sierra Leone, then it is a must that you look up to the Cotton Trees with honour as they were prayed for by African American slaves in order to gain freedom. Sierra Leone's tallest mountain, Mount Bintumani, is an ideal place to hike if you want to experience the great outdoors. There are plenty of amazing places to see and explore in Sierra Leone, including Outamba-Kilimi National Park. Chimpanzees and a number of other animals like hippos, elephants, and the rare bongo antelope abound there. 

You will surely see a variety of wildlife in the tropical rainforest of Sierra Leone, whether you go on your jungle hike in the light of day or at night when glowing animal eyes stare at you. To get deeper into the routes of knowing this place it is best to go local and visit the villages. You will experience a completely different lifestyle around the local village people, the true essence of which is also fresh and authentic food.

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5 things to do in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a growing tourist destination that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and make you want to return again and again. However, to ease up your first trip to this place, we have listed 5 top places that you should consider catching up with while in the city.

FAQs on Sierra Leone
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What is the best time to visit Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone should be visited during the dry months from October to May. The temperature is warm all year round and the hottest months you will experience are in January and February. If you enjoy the rainy season and love to travel around, then you should consider visiting from June to September.

What is the nearest airport to Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone's Lungi International Airport, locally known as Freetown International Airport, serves travellers from around the world. It is located approximately 145 kilometres away from Freetown.

What currency is used in Sierra Leone?

The currency that is officially used in Leone is Sierra Leone, formally known as the Republic of Sierra Leone. It consists of 100 cents and is represented by the symbol LE. In this country, foreign currency cannot be used for marketing, so you will need to exchange your currency before making any payments.

How do you get around in Sierra Leone?

It is easy to travel in Sierra Leone as there are several means of communication available. You can travel around with public transportation like buses and three-wheelers. Two-wheeler bikes are also a means of communication. You can also book a private car or rent a car to travel around.

How to book cheap flight tickets to Sierra Leone?

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