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The Warm heart city of Africa is filled with amusing things to do and see.

With so many things to offer, this relatively little-known gem of this diverse continent can be described as the "Warm Heart of Africa." This region offers wildlife, culture, adventure, scenery, and, of course, the third-largest lake in Africa. Malawi has been described as the most complete and attractive destination in Africa, especially year-round! A relatively small country like Malawi may seem exaggerated when it makes such extravagant claims, but the truth lies in the combination of attractions Malawi has to offer. 

There is no other country where you can experience such a varied scenic kaleidoscope in such a small geographic area that offers such rich cultural interaction and a genuinely warm welcome. Africa's third-largest and most beautiful lake-truly inland sea is located here, along with central Africa's highest mountain, vast plateaux with seemingly endless views, forests, and unspoiled game parks. Due to the African wildlife revolution, Malawi now boasts thrill-seeking safaris on par with its neighbours. It's easy to see why Malawi is becoming so popular. 

During your visit to Malawi, take your time to visit the locals and you’ll truly understand why it is known as the warm heart of Africa. The Malawians are the most friendly people you will come across in Africa, and you will also get to learn about their rich culture and heritage. Several wilderness areas and highlands offer breathtaking views and photographic backdrops in the country, and the beauty of these landscapes is indeed worth the visit.

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5 Things to Do in Malawi

The country has everything you could want, from lakes to mountains to safaris and beaches-which is pretty impressive for a landlocked country. This article lists the top five things to do in Malawi if you are planning a visit there.

FAQs on Malawi
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When is a good time to visit Malawi?

The ideal time to visit Malawi is during the dry months from June to October, when the temperature is comparatively cooler. A little bit of sunshine will be a perfect time to stroll around the city and go on safari rides. The free evenings will allow you to spend some time shopping around the markets.

What is the nearest airport to Malawi?
Kamuzu International Airport (IATA: LLW, ICAO: FWKI) serves Lilongwe, Malawi's capital city. Lilongwe International Airport is another name for this airport. Malawi also has Chileka International Airport.
What currency is used in Malawi?
The Malawian Kwacha is the currency of Malawi. The country, however, widely accepts US dollars and euros. You can easily exchange currency at banks to shop or pay in the local markets. Check with your bank whether your debit cards and credit cards will be accepted in Malawi or not. Otherwise, taking some cash with you would be much more feasible.
Which airlines fly to Malawi?
Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air France, and KLM are among the major airlines with flights to Malawi. Consider that your budget and your preferences are key factors when selecting which airline to book your flight tickets with. You can easily avail of cheap flight tickets to Malawi with Crystal Travel.
How to book cheap flights to Malawi?

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