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A heaven for surfers, Liberia is just the place that will keep you amused throughout your trip.

For being the only independent republic in Africa during the colonial period, Liberia has been known as the "Lone Star." A lush, green, friendly, and vibrant land, Liberia offers everything from excellent surfing spots to shops selling local designer items to lazy afternoons lounging in hammocks on the edge of the rainforest listening to tropical bird songs. The country is home to one of West Africa's top national parks and still preserves its West African roots while retaining its confident American spirit. Though it has experienced the ravages of war, it is an exciting place to visit, brimming with hope and energy. 

A journey of discovery through Liberia's natural forest reserves, wetlands, and mangroves will provide outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers with an unforgettable and exhilarating experience. There are no crowded beaches or unspoiled environments. There are hundreds of miles of golden sand along this idyllic coastline characterised by thick rainforest and mangroves, meeting the tumbling warm surf of the Atlantic. 

Despite the diverse ethnic groups making up Liberia's population today, cultural life in the country is rich and dynamic. Traditional Liberian culture is a treasure, with performances in and outside of the country by the Liberian National Culture Group. As Liberia gradually integrates all its ethnicities, tribal culture is emerging as a reminder of Liberia's diverse roots. In addition to West African cuisine, Liberian cuisine includes traditional Creole and coastal West African cooking techniques, along with recipes from the American South.


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5 places to visit in Liberia

Liberia is a country where people are simple, sober, and have a pleasant ethnic view of newcomers. From its cuisine to markets, Liberia is just a fascinating place that should be on your travel list. Below are some places that you can visit during your trip to Liberia.

FAQs on Liberia
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What is the best time to visit Liberia?

Liberia is warm all year round, as it is in many other West African nations, but the best time to visit is during the dry season, between November and April when the roads will be passable and the weather will be perfect for exploring the cities as well as getting off the beaten path to see wildlife.

What is the nearest airport to Liberia?
Liberia's nearest airport, Liberia (LIR), is 11.7 kilometres distant. Tamarindo (TNO) (54.6 km), Tambor (TMU) (109.4 km), San Jose (SJO) (152.4 km), and Managua (MGA) are all neighbouring airports (186 km).
What currency is used in Liberia?

The Liberian dollar is used in Liberia as the official currency. Before visiting, do check that only a few selective hotels accept debit cards or credit cards, and if there is an internet issue, then even they won’t accept the card payment. It is best to bring sufficient US dollars to make payments hassle-free.

How to commute to Liberia?
If you are travelling to Liberia by flight, then there are two major airports where you will land: Liberia Airport and Tamarindo Airport. To travel around Liberia, you can easily board public transportation, such as a bus. Taxi services are readily available, along with rental cabs.
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