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Addis Ababa is a magical place with plenty of attractions to do and see!

Sitting on the highlands at 2355 m above sea level, Addis Ababa is a melting pot of traditional and modern Ethiopia. The city is lively, youthful, and vibrant, with incredible cathedrals, churches, museums, restaurants, and clubs. Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is also considered the capital of Africa as the African Union is headquartered here. It is also known as the “Political Capital of Africa”. The city is the business, cultural, and culinary hub of the quickly developing nation, boasting a few major universities and many Ethiopian Orthodox sites and treasures.

The Ethiopian National Museum houses several intriguing exhibitions, like paintings by local artists and collections of former emperors. The most notable feature of the museum is Lucy, the oldest known humanoid in the world.

St. George’s Cathedral, the Ethnological Museum, and Meskel Square are the other popular attractions in the city. Addis Ababa also boasts a few natural attractions, like the hills of Sululta. While you are here, do not forget to visit the Merkato for a shopping spree and have the best coffee at Tomoca.

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FAQs - London to Addis Ababa

How to book flight tickets with Crystal Travel?
You can take the help of our extensive search engine to find the best flight prices. You can click on the deals that suit you best and proceed with your booking with a few clicks. Alternatively, you can call our travel experts for a quick and hassle-free booking. Some of our offers are exclusively available through our agents.
What is the best time to visit Addis Ababa?
The best time to visit Addis Ababa is during the dry season (October-March). The weather is ideal for exploring all the major attractions and hiking in the lush highlands. January through March is the peak time for tourists with mild climate conditions, while April through September is a low season due to humid and rainy conditions.
What is the nearest airport to Addis Ababa?
The main airport in Addis Ababa is Addis Ababa Bole International. The airport is located in Bole district. In addition to serving Ethiopian Airlines' domestic destinations and destinations on the African continent, it is the main hub for the national airline.
What is the flight distance from London to Addis Ababa?
The flight distance between London and Addis Ababa is about 5914 kilometres (3193 nautical miles). A non-stop flight by Ethiopian Airlines takes around 7 hours and 45 minutes to reach Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (ADD) from London Heathrow (LHR).
How can I book cheap flight tickets to Addis Ababa?
The ideal way to get affordable plane tickets to Addis Ababa is by booking them 50–60 days before your preferred departure date. Secondly, if you travel during the off-season, there is a fair chance to get cheap flight deals to Addis Ababa. Furthermore, you will always find some of the most competitive flight deals on our website.

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