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The largest air carrier of Middle East and star airline to connect Dubai with rest of the world, Emirates or commonly known as Fly Emirates is among the most reputed and successful air carriers of the world to provide plush, affordable and enjoyable air connectivity at almost every part of the world. Found in 1985 and operating as a successful air carrier from last 3 decades, Emirates has made its hold in aviation when it comes to connect with the most ravishing and spectacular city of the world, Dubai.
With more than 140 destinations listed in the routes that are connected with the help of 211 utterly spacious, high-tech and incredible aircrafts fleet, Emirates is providing its passengers with an ample amount of facilities and onboard services to enjoy.

Emirates Fleet and Technology

Behind the excellent services and spectacular comfort, the fleet of Emirates is providing its flawless services. With the help of 211 airplanes in the fleet, Emirates is executing its impeccable service to the travellers on both short and long haul flights. Travellers can get the delight of travelling in three different tiers provided by Emirates that caters as per the needs of travellers.
You can enjoy the delightful in-flight experience with Emirates whilst travelling its Airbus A340-500, Boeing 777-300, The Emirates A380, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200LR, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A340-300 and Boeing 777-200 aircrafts that are featured with everything a traveller requires on a trip with comfort and luxury.

Reach of Emirates

In past three decades, Emirates has expended its reach to cover maximum grounds on earth and to provide a seamless service of travelling to/from Dubai with rest of the world. Emirates has expanded its operations in Asia and Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Gulf region to give a great transit option to the travellers on business/leisure trip.
Travellers can enjoy the impeccable service and quick frequency on the routes of Casablanca, Rome, Zurich, Sydney, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Vienna, Entebbe, Los Angeles and hundreds of other destinations worldwide.

Cabin Service, In-Flight Amenities

The founder of personal entertainment unit for passengers, Emirates has the most stylish and enjoyable cabin services to give the most heavenly experience of lifetime. Stunning interior, soothing lights, wide-pitch and comfortable seats, dazzling amenity kit and outstanding entertainment unit are the prime features you can expect while flying with Emirates.
The most ravishing and priority assistance by the cabin staff will give you a feel like being in a castle surrounded by the people looking for your orders. Travellers can have a delicious food while enjoying some amazing broadcasting sitting on their utterly spacious and comfortable seats on both short and long haul flights.
The exquisite First Class tier by Emirates is among the most luxurious ways of travelling on routes served by Emirates. Travellers can enjoy the plush services and excellent assistance by the onboard staff catering every possible facility to the passengers to give utmost comfort, supreme hospitality and delightful experience.
With ample spacious seats, personal cabin for privacy featured with marvellous interior, mind-blowing amenities, delicious food, incredible entertainment system and priority assistance, travellers can live their travelling tenure at their own castle-like conditions above the clouds. The open bar is there for the travellers to get more enjoyment and avail supreme delight whilst getting to know the fellow travellers in the same tier.
A perfect option for the travellers on executive trip to get served by impeccable services, outstanding assistance and a comfort to improve productivity and relaxing, Business Tier of Emirates is there for you. Executive voyagers can avail an incredible amount of features services in the special business tier of Emirates that includes wide and spacious cabins for utter privacy, magnificent interior and plush furnishing, bar to get to know more fellow executive travellers and enjoy long/short haul flights, entertainment system to reduce stress of business trip and get entertained high in the sky and much more.
Known for its budget airfares and spellbinding experience onboard, Emirates has its Economy Tier for the passengers searching for the best suitable airfares for their budget on both short and long haul flights. Travellers can enjoy the divine culinary mixed with both Arabic and continental cuisines while enjoying some of the most entertaining channels from the range of 1800+ channels on sitting at maximum comfort and spacious seats. Bewitching comfort, excellent styling and remarkable service is the key feature for which travellers prefer Emirates as their flying option on any kind of travelling.