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Sao Paulo is one impressive ball of surprises. It is gigantic, intimidating and truly fascinating. You will be lead by the locals to their favourite haunts, and the city will automatically begin to unfold. What might give pleasure to you would be far more awe-inspiring and spellbinding, things such as innumerable art-house, cinemas, experimental theatres, restaurants and cafes, food and culture.

It's unbelievable that Sao Paulo is the largest city of South America with untamed attractions, beaches, scattered fields of sugarcane and oranges, mystifying anonymous towns and many other surprises.

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Sao Paulo has a tropical climate, generally with good weather. Most of the beaches are responsible for the condition on the beaches. Majority of time, Sao Paulo is nice and dry, not too hot. Winter spans from June to August keeping people in light coats and sweaters. The summers become quite hot with few flashes of rain.

Keeping in mind many things, the best time to visit Sao Paulo is summer or spring from September to March. If you are used to frigid climate, fly to Sao Paulo anytime of the year.

The city of Sao Paulo is so huge, that very few people are fortunate to have seen its entirety. Each locality is like a city itself, offering all kinds of attractions and entertainment. The city has numerous theatres, 70 museums, dozens of monuments, recreational centres, amazing theme parks and cultural centres. The coast is just 45 miles away so you can easily set aside a special day for visiting the wonderful beaches of Brazil.

Visitors on specially designed tours with a tight schedule would be able to admire less, but explore the most iconic ones. Few of these include Catedral Metropolitana, MASP Sao Paulo Art Museum, Parque Ibirapuera, Altino Arantes Building, Luz Station, Hopi Hari, Aquario de Sao Paulo, Jaragua State Park and Zoo Safari.

Sao Paulo food and drink is quite different from many of the other Brazilian cities. In fact, you will find that almost every Brazilian city has its own regional flair when it comes to the culinary delights. Sao Paulo, being a dwelling place for the Japanese community, has an influence on many of the food selections in the city. You can find yourself sitting in a Lebanese or a Middle Eastern restaurant and trying out various dishes prepared by professional chefs.

It's equally vital to familiarize yourself with some of Sao Paulo's favourite dishes to truly experience the taste and style of the Brazilian culture. Bauru sandwich, Carne del Sol, Feijoada, Mandioca, Cachaca and various others.

Among the restaurants Antiquaris, Capim Santo, Famiglia Mancini, Kabuki and Le Chef Rouge are few of Sao Paulo's highly recommended restaurants. Go on; try out a new place each night to get acquainted with food and drinking experience.

Sao Paulo has become a haven for those looking to buy everything from European fashion delights to Brazilian designs. You can try out several key shops and arcades, the prime one being the Jardins neighbourhood, which is full of high-end fashion boutiques. Head to Alameda Lorena or Rua Augusta for international brands of clothing, expensive and luxury gifts.

After your shopping satisfaction there, you can browse through the shops in Centro on Rua 25 de Marco, where everyone tends to grab something or the other. This place does cater to your shopping needs. You can shop for belts, trinkets, textiles, handbags at great prices.

The Japanese neighbourhood in Sao Paulo is another fabulous stop for Oriental items and on Sundays there is a fantastic food market with stalls selling everything from Bonsai to Buddhas. Sao Paulo shopping is fun and an enjoyable experience, and most importantly you should be perfectly safe in all the shopping locations.


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