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Weather plays a pivotal role in visiting the city because summers are generally too hot and humid. Plan your holidays during the cooler months which are from November to March and is regarded as the best time of the year to visit Cairo. There are regular cheap flights from UK to Cairo International Airport with journeys lasting for only five hours.
Historical and cultural sites are exuberant in Cairo giving the visitors an insight into its past life. Make sure to visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the pyramids of Giza, the renowned Tutankhamen, thousands of artefacts, ancient churches, mosques and monuments.

Other places to visit in Cairo include the Al-Manial Palace, the Amir Akhur Qanibay Madrasa and Mosque, the Amir Taghri Bardi Funerary Complex, the Beshtak Palace and the Cairo Tower.

Cairo’s cuisine is worth trying, and when it comes to food, the city has an excellent choice of restaurants at an affordable price. Apart from these, the taste of traditional Egyptian cuisine can be found in small markets and streets. Khan el-Khalili Restaurant is known for its authentic Egyptian food with haute cuisine flair. Kebabs are extremely popular which have undergone a complete metamorphosis in fifty years. Today they are made out of anything starting from fruit and nuts to desserts and fish. Falafel is another traditional dish which can be found everywhere in Cairo. Other traditional foods are fatayeer and muzagga’a.
Shopping in Cairo is a unique experience and best for those that love to pick up tourist trinkets like onyx Pharaoh Cats. Khan Al-Khaili is the best place to shop and considered to be the main tourist hub which is even liked by locals. You can buy anything starting from gold jewellery to cleaning products at a reasonable price.  

The souks are the actual shopping areas of Cairo where you can haggle with the shopkeepers and get a taste of the local culture. The city also has designer clothing stores like the Mango, the H&M and the Zara etc. at various upscale shopping malls. Supermarkets are also some of places to shop where you can find copious of international food.

Most tourists think that nightlife is limited in the city but this is not true. There are several activities for party goers but alcohol is not a significant part of social part. Keep in mind that discos and bars close by midnight, only a few licensed ones are open. For long Baladi or people’s bars are immensely popular that have mushroomed around the Downtown area of Cairo and around Midan Orabi, so night hopping around these places will be entertaining.
Cairo is a major city since the days of Pharaoh and it never fails to make an impression. Although most of its festivals are Islamic religious in nature, yet the city is noted for its international film and book festival to motivate new directors and writers of the region. Ramadan is an important time of the year when everything slows down in the city. Other important festivals are celebrated to commemorate the birth of local saints.
Once acknowledged as a historical city and place for archaeologists, Cairo in Egypt is a familiar word for those who love the history action movies as well as a plethora of ancient sight exploration. As ancient it may sound, but Cairo has developed like any other metropolitan in Europe and United States. Being the home of one of the seven wonders of the world, Cairo has always acquired a deep attention of travellers from across the UK who love to take flights to Cairo from London and visit to explore the huge pyramids of Giza as well as the chaotic market places around the city. Take a journey of approximately 5 hours in last minute direct flights to Cairo from any London airport which will take you to the most promising gateway of the city known as Cairo International Airport, the prime air base for travellers to fly Cairo from across the world, situated at 22 kilometres North-East of the city centre where you can find the best hotels in Cairo as well as huge markets to shop in Egypt.
Cairo is a world renowned destination and has been into a travel bucket list of global voyagers for a very long time. The thriving cosmopolitan which was earlier a mere place with full of people and least facilities have recently developed into a huge and successful travel destination in Egypt. Travellers from around the UK enjoy taking flights to Cairo and explore the magnificent sight of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx of Giza, Keops Pyramid, Antiquities Museum, Mohamed Ali Mosque, Dahshur, Coptic Cairo, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Pyramid of Djoser, Al-Qalaa, Mosque of Ibn Tulun , Cave Church and Statue of Ramesses II which are the most promising sites in Cairo. Apart from all these historical places, travellers can also have a blissful spell of shopping in Cairo's Market whilst going to Khan Al-Khalili, City Star Mall, Festival City Mall, Mall of Arabic Cairo, Birqash Camel Market, Sharia Khayamiya and Suuq el Ataba which are quite known market places in Cairo and the rest of the Egypt.

The sprawling and ancient city of Cairo has been into travel buzz for more than 4 decades now and have seriously become a fascinating place to enjoy the history, culture and modern markets among the voyagers from across the UK. Travellers enjoy taking flights to Cairo from London in order to explore the delighting past and present of this futuristic city that is carrying its heritage along whilst moving towards modernization. Visit Cairo and enjoy all the fun and adventure in the city that has an unparalleled culture.

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