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Just like other cities of Vietnam, Hanoi offers plethora of choices for your taste palate. Food in Hanoi is sweeter and more fragrant than other places of the country. This Vietnamese capital city offers some of the best and cheapest street food in the world. Its burgeoning dining scene is making it a rival of its southern counterparts.

Hanoi is not a city with a bountiful heart but even a more bounteous appetite. The food scene in the capital isn’t all about five star luxury cuisines or fine dining, but about local specialties which is simple and freshly cooked. Some of the best things to try here are crispy deep fried nem wrapped in herbs and dipped in fish sauce and pho which is beef noodle soup. Do not miss to have weasel coffee which is made out of beans digested by small legged mammals and elongated necks.

Some of the best places to have food in Hanoi are the Cafe Duy Tri, the 14 Hang Ga Street, the Cafe Loc Tai, the Pho 10, the Xoi Yen, the Restaurant Bobby Chinn and others.

Where is best places to eat in Hanoi?

A visit to Hanoi is not complete without keeping your feet at the must-see sights of the city. These attractions capture the soul of the Vietnamese culture and take you through a historical experience right from the era when the city grounded itself as an independent nation from a Chinese vassal state and liberated itself from the American and French colonial powers.

The Hoan Kiem Lake is a legendary lake and it is the place where the future king received a sword from an illusionary turtle to drive the Chinese away of Vietnam. Today this lake is a charming cultural and social centre for the locals of Hanoi.

Other places to visit are the Temple of Literature, Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hanoi Sofitel Metropole, Hoa Lo Prison and, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Best to shopping around in Hanoi?

The Tet Nguyen Dan is a significant event in Hanoi which is enjoyed by both locals and tourists; it is simply known as the Tet by most people. Other important festivals in Hanoi are the Co Loa Festival, the Keo Pagoda Festival, the Let Mat Festival and the Mid-autumn Festival.

Travel Guide

Travellers head to Hanoi at different times of the year, but the most suitable time to visit the city is during the spring or the fall when the weather is cool. The summers in Hanoi is hot, so the fall is considered to be the most beautiful and romantic time for tourists to visit the city. Even autumn is better when you can watch the leaves changing their colour due to warm weather,  experience cool breeze and dry ambiance.


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