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Are you looking for budget air ticket to Chengdu? Book flights to Chengdu from UK with Crystal Travel. Crystal Travel search is easy and fast that brings out the best fare to suit your pocket. Enter your details and have Crystal Travel search multiple flights from several airlines. It is said about Chengdu that 'the young dare not come and the old should not leave'. In one sense, Chengdu is so spellbinding that the young people may become lethargic and the elderly people may find solace and enlightenment there. It's a holiday destination as well as a business centre that makes your mind and soul rich. No wonder, the beautiful Pandas have found their home in Chengdu. You will find something more valuable and worthy.

Booking a flight to Chengdu from any airport in the UK is quite simple with special discounts on a broad range of supreme airlines. Get off at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) and hire a cab to take you through the Chengdu city to your hotel to unwind. Explore our website for smart travel deals, cheap hotel packages and low cost car hire. We at Crystal Travel guarantee fares to suit your budget. Reach Chengdu and create memories with us!

Chengdu is blessed with a subtropical monsoon weather that offers the character of spring, heated summer, cooler autumn and warm winter. Rains pour down year-round, but escalates in the months of July and August. Usually, the best time to visit Chengdu is in the months between March to June and even in September to November. Winter is the most unfavourable time to visit Chengdu as its quite foggy and dry. Your blanket might get wet, because of the humidity.

Chengdu is a historical city as well as a business centre that boasts a large number of cultural and heritage sites. The city features as one of the most vital centres of Taoism, not forgetting the most appealing and appetizing delicacies. The top attractions include Giant Panda Breeding Base of Chengdu, Sanxingdui Museum, Jiuzhai Valley National Park, Dujiangyan Irrigation System. Other notable attractions are the Bronze Goat Taoist Temple, the Chunxi Road, Dinosaur Museum, Baoguang Temple, Wuhou Temple, Mount Qingcheng, Salt Museum, Sichuan Museum, Kuan Zhai Xiang Zi, Tianfu Square, Wenshu Monastery and many more. 

Chengdu is a gastronomic city that showcases the Chinese fondness for eating and it ranks as the 4th largest city in retail culinary volume. UNESCO tagged Chengdu as the Gastronomic City of its kind in Asia. The Sichuan cuisine originated in Chengdu with the extensive use of spices. Some common dishes include Kung Pao Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Pork delicacies, Tea Smoked Duck, Dan Dan Noodle and more. If you crave for some amazing Sichuan cuisine, then Baguo Puyi, Piaoxue Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant, Huangcheng Laoma, Shizilou Hot Pot Restaurant are a must-visit. To grab a quick bite Huangchengba Snacks in Wuhou Street, Jinli Old Street, Kuan Zai Alley and Wenshu Temple are the masters of snacks.

Chengdu is a city for leisure that allows visitors to experience slow life. The shopping experience is extremely developed in the Chunxi Road. Branded companies such as Nike and Baleno have made their impression for many years. There is no shortage of shopping malls in the Chunxi Road. You can explore Pacific Sogo Store, Wangfujing Department and several massive shopping arcades. First time visitors as well as returning travellers will come across a number of favourable shopping opportunities, souvenirs and an extensive range of Chinese-Tibetian merchandise. Special recommendations are Chengdu Shu Brocade Factory, Sichuan Antiques Shop, Chengdu Bamboo-weaving Arts and Crafts Factory and several others.


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