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Looking forward to a gorilla safari in Entebbe? This Ugandan capital city is one of the most vital cities of that nestles besides the shores of Lake Victoria. Though the city displays a more peaceful environment, several districts offer a wide range of trendy restaurants, dynamic hotels and a flourishing art scene. Experts in shopping will surely love the craft market and various souvenir shops. Crystal Travel is your one-stop-shop to avail your holiday deals, flight fares and low cost hotel deals a the best price possible. 

Now schedule your travel plan with Crystal Travel in a simple and easy way. Reaching Entebbe from UK will drain out every hassle that you have been facing. Avail the best offers and cheap travel deals on flights, hotels in Entebbe and car hire. Search our website and find yourself arriving at Entebbe International Airport (EBB) in no time.

The climate of Entebbe is effected by the weather patterns of Lake Victoria the through the position of the Equator. The wavering climate makes this amazing city a year-round destination. Pondering on the best time to visit Entebbe, many people choose the months from May to September and from December to February. December being busy, one needs to book flights and hotels in advance. The Safari Tours begin from September and lasts till February. The Ugandan rains come and go, hence, that should not be a concern in planning a trip to Entebbe. Anytime can be a good time to visit Entebbe.

Entebbe might seem small, but there are numerous things that one can cover. The top places that can be visited in the city may not be much, but they are enough to create a long-lasting memory. It may sound strange, the International Airport is a worthwhile sight. As you move into the city, the Botanical Garden is home to a variety of flora and fauna. With the help of a guide, one can explore and experience something quite rare. Would you like to take a ride on the boda-boda? Well, it is the main transportation for the local people that is identical to a bike cab. Make sure you wear a helmet while riding one. Explore the State House during the evenings when you can admire the architecture. Last, but not the least, pull yourself out for some exciting trekking activity. The lush rainforests are a good base for ardent trekkers. 

Entebbe is definitely for the grumbling and hungry stomachs. Every food court and restaurant, including the food, is appeasing. You will get what you crave top eat. There are 5-star digs, affordable restaurants and few other intercontinental food courts serving Chinese, Japanese and India. Few amazing places where you can spend hours, are - Pizzaria and Gorreti's Beach side Grill. The Anderitas Hotel, alongside the beaches of Lake Victoria is a fabulous place for fresh baked Pizza and barbecue. To sample some genuine Ethiopian food, Abyssinia Cottage impresses every guest and food-lover.

Shopping in Entebbe comprises of open-air markets and even hypermarkets. So, lets guide you into them as we begin right from the Kitoro Market. This is a bazaar that sells women's' clothes and fresh produced vegetables. To experience the Ugandan culture at first-hand several tourists head towards this rambling market and spend ample time shopping as well as eating. The Uchumi Market seems like a regular market, but it is actually an open-air market where one can purchase gift items, souvenirs and even handicrafts. On the other hand, the Garden City Complex is compared to a mall that is endowed with different levels. Visitors can enjoy spa treatment, massages, manicures as well as shopping for anything and everything they like. 

An access point for Kampala, the former capital of Uganda and the most adorable cosmopolitan of East Africa, the beautiful and bewitching Entebbe has been a charming place for travellers taking flights to Entebbe, Uganda or Kampala. The enthralling modern life with a touch of cultural roots makes Entebbe quite different from any other town in Uganda and neighbour countries. On the coasts of Entebbe Bay, the city has an amazing and awe-inspiring wealth of natural beauty in the form of the archipelago and tiny islands that are quickly accessible from the town as well. Take your last minute flight to Entebbe, which will lead you to Entebbe International Airport (EBB), the prime transit point for travellers visiting Uganda and Kampala. The airport of Entebbe is approximately 6 kilometres away from the city centre where you can easily find the best accommodation and hotel in Entebbe as well as can get access to the places nearby. Visit Entebbe to enjoy the beautifully adorable gorilla safari and peaceful natural aura. The accessibility of nearby National Parks makes Entebbe even more pleasing city for those who love to go on Safari escapes in Africa and seek out the best and ravishing hospitality.
There is no one thing that makes Entebbe different from other cities of Uganda as the city has many features that are common among the towns of Uganda but also have many qualities that can only be found in Entebbe. For an example, if you are looking for a naturally blissful escape to Africa and taking flights to Entebbe, Uganda from London for a ravishing safari experience, you can find the best of experience in Entebbe only. On your exquisite journey to Entebbe, do not miss to visit Wild Frontiers, Mabamba Shoebill Tours, Entebbe Botanic Gardens, Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre, Uganda Raptile Village, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Sesse Islands, Entebbe Golf Club and Entebbe Crafts Village that will give you the prime gist of what you can find the best in Entebbe.

The extraordinary metropolitan and the prime tourist hub of Uganda, the city that counts the most after capital Kampala, Entebbe is surely a place for you if you like being around the most precious creation of nature and have a crave of exploring the wildlife of Africa. Plan and trip and book your flights to Entebbe right now if you wonder what exquisite you can find in the city that has everything nature has created.

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