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Are you planning for a getaway in Dar Es Salaam? Once just give some time to this city and you will surely fall in for it. Dar Es Salaam lies beside the lively waterfront that merges with the three confluences of Africa, Indian as well as Arab. At first, the city might look a bit more urban and chaotic, but it has plenty of charm. With attractive colonial edifices, palm-fringed beaches and an impressive history, Dar Es Salaam is a happy-go-lucky city that has preserved the old charm and its ancient history. Search the best flight fare and holiday package through Crystal Travel, that suits you best in terms of budget and travel dates. 

With cheap flights to Dar Es Salaam from the UK you begin to bring together a chock-full of memories as you land at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) and proceed towards your desired hotel. Reaching this spectacular city is now possible with dynamic travel offers provided by Crystal Travel. We assure to save your money as you book your trip to Dar Es Salaam with us. 

Many curiously ask about the best time to visit Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. It usually depends on many factors and mainly, your interests in the city. One's best time can be the other's worst. The African weather pattern is quite unpredictable. The rains last from March to May and the dry seasons last from June to October. The months of November and December face another slot of rains. Though these are the shortest rainy seasons, they leave the ground and the atmosphere quite exciting and pleasant. Several tourists travel towards this region to witness the massive wildebeest migration. Hence, the best time to visit Dar Es Salaam is during the main dry season, from May to October.

Dar Es Salaam, being in Tanzania is home to several natural and man-made attractions. Since the time the tourist industry boomed, there are uncountable attractions, buildings, museums, libraries, ancient monuments and amusing places of interest to allure visitors flocking into the city anytime of the year. The outskirts of the city is ruled by some stunning wildlife. Be it the open-air wastelands, or the wildlife sanctuaries. One cannot fall shortage of any of the attractions in the city. 

Visitors usually pass through the city of Dar Es Salaam and make their way towards Kilimanjaro or Zanzibar. If you are planning on doing the same, do not miss out the vibrancy and the diversity of Dar's cuisine that has been inspired by Zanzibar spices. Few notable places to eat in Dar Es Salaam are 305 Karafuu located in Kinondoni, the Mediterraneo near to the Kawe Beach, Mamboz Corner BBQ, Samaki Samaki, Karambezi Cafe, Sawasdee, Chappan Bhog, Addis in Dar and many others. In most of these restaurants you will not only find authentic African cuisine, but other intercontinental as well.

With cultural modification and innovation of the city of Dar Es Salaam, there are plush mall and upscale markets. But, if you want to explore the cultural part of the city, it is best to look beyond the regular shops and bargain amidst the local markets. For top class textiles and regional crafts, the cooperative Nyumba ya Sanaa on Ohio Streets sell branded products. You can watch the artisans displaying their skills too. The Mawazo Art Gallery and the Tingatinga Centre are famous for paintings and wooden carvings. The Kariakoo Market is the real key point of Dar Es Salaam. It is an amazing collection of stalls and shops selling everything from spices to electronic goods. The crowd here can be overwhelming! The smell in the Kivukoni fish market is intense, but several food lovers, visit this point to purchase their kind of seafood. For a more friendly environment, the Weekend Craft Market and the Mwenge Craft Market are true crowd pullers.

On the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the neighbour of Zanzibar archipelago, the harbour city of the Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam is not a big name as we thought but the features this city is blessed with are both interesting and appealing. Possessed with a natural harbour and a plethora of fantastic landscapes, Dar Es Salaam has recently become a hot favourite destination for both coral exploration and cultural discovery of Tanzania. Earlier known to be a sloppy city with nothing but a bunch of fishermen's village have recently transformed among the most fascinating cities to visit in Africa. Board your flight to Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) to pay a visit to the most fascinating town of Tanzania which is almost 14 kilometres away from the city centre. Be it a treasure of corals, bewitching landscapes or the thriving culture developing every second, Dar Es Salaam is an emerging start that soon will take over the limelight and become one of the hot favourite destination of travellers that can be added into the bucket list of destinations to visit in Africa.
Dar Es Salaam is among those selected destinations that are wonderful to explore both wildlife and corals. The thriving beaches of Dar are equally beautiful as the wildlife sanctuaries around the city. Be it market places or divine delicacies, Dar Es Salaam will offer you plenty of options to explore on your trip to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. On your escape to Dar, do not miss to visit Mbudya island, Bongoyo Island, Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Coco Beach, Mbalamwezi Beach Club, Dar Es Salaam Zoo and Serengeti Safari tour that is the most beautiful sights to explore the flora and fauna of Dar Es Salaam and the rest of the Tanzania. Apart from all the naturally blissful places, travellers can get delighted by visiting Village Museum, Kunduchi Wet 'N' Wild Water Park, Kivukoni Fish Market, National Museum, St. Joseph Cathedral, Kariakoo Market, War Cemetery and Masjid Maamur Mosque that offers a huge insight about the culture, history, lifestyle and shopping options in Dar Es Salaam that are key requirements for every traveller taking last minute flights to Dar Es Salaam.

Playing a wondrous role for Tanzanian tourism, Dar Es Salaam is not an ordinary town of the nation, but is much more than a natural harbour, a port city and beach destination. Featured with enormous skills like natural beauty, wildlife, thriving culture and preserved history, Dar Es Salaam is a city in Tanzania, Africa that worth every single penny spent on last minute flights to Dar Es Salaam.

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